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We make treatment simple

Meet your requirements and select the most relevant treatment, clinic, and doctor, according to the specifics of your case. Control the process at all stages. You’ll get a service that is at the same time impeccable in level and accurate in timing. Provide all your needs during medical travel - we offer visa support, accommodation, translation, and follow-up care.
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Reasons to choose AiroMedical

Medical experts
You contact doctors who review your case. After that, our advisory board chooses the best treatment option and clinic for you.
Direct partners
AiroMedical continues a partnership with TOP clinics worldwide to offer the most reasonable prices for international patients.
Certified company
IMTJ (International Medical Travel Journal) and Temos (International Healthcare Accreditation) confirm our level of service.
Additional insurance
We provide an extra guarantee if unexpected expenses during the treatment appear. It is included in the price package.

With what we can help?

AiroMedical collaborates with world-leading clinics and can find any needed therapy. We cover the whole range of specialties, from regular check-ups to experimental treatment.
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Medical travel is simple!

For years we have accumulated enough experience to solve any task. We worked with complex cases, assembled a team of professionals, and proved our reliability and competence. We are ready to help.
How it works?
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Tell us about your case
Connect with our high-qualified patient manager, describe your problem, and start to work.
Get relevant treatment options
Our medical advisory board makes a thought-out medical conclusion and finds suitable solutions.
Receive an action plan
You make the task — we analyze the reports and other multiple data and organize a consultation with experts for your disease.
Draw up an agreement
And stay ready to start your medical journey with AiroMedical, with complete support from our travel manager. 

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neurosurgery, minimally invasive spinal surgery, neuro-oncology
internal medicine, gastroenterology, hematology, and oncology
psychology, psychiatry
dermatology, dermatosurgery, venerology
general and oncological surgery
orthopedics and trauma surgery, endoprosthetics, orthopedic rheumatology
hematology and oncology, palliative medicine