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Plastic surgery in Turkey


Each of us is ready to do a lot to improve our appearance and at the same time to get rid of many complexes that have been with us for a very long time, and sometimes for all our lives. Our goal is to provide all the information about plastic surgery and the process in Turkey.

Variety of plastic surgery in Turkey

Today, plastic surgery is one of the fastest-growing and developing areas of medicine. Modern methods of plastic surgery are becoming safer and less traumatic every day. In terms of performing plastic surgery, Turkey ranks second in Europe and ninth in the world.

Large medical institutions mainly specialize in reconstructive surgery. They work with patients who have faced post-traumatic and postoperative disorders of body functions, structure and various congenital defects.

Small private surgical centres are experts in the field of aesthetic surgery. The most popular areas are hair transplantation, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, facelift, etc.

Sometimes plastic surgery services are necessary for children, for example, health defects with congenital anomalies. In addition, Turkish clinics perform reconstructive operations for patients of different ages.

All medical institutions in Turkey working in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery have the international certification Joint Commission International - the most authoritative international certification in medicine or the so-called "high standard" of quality of health services.

Features of cosmetic surgery in Turkey

After numerous years of hard work and effort, successful results have allowed plastic surgeons from Turkey to gain a good reputation among patients worldwide. Every year hundreds of patients receive the services of Turkish doctors. However, there is a tendency to increase the number of patients.

Turkey has become a centre of plastic surgery for many reasons:

  • affordable cost of treatment - is the main factor described in the next section.
  • experience of doctors - the vast expertise of Turkish specialists is based on many patients and quality education.
  • certification of clinics - Turkish hospitals and clinics are always under the close attention of medical associations, including the International Medical Association and the Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which check compliance and availability of appropriate certification.
  • licensing of doctors - medical associations closely monitor the powers and certificates of doctors.
  • use of the highest class implants - Turkish doctors use implants and consumables of the highest class with a lifetime warranty.
  • accommodation, food and other amenities - the cost of living in Turkey are relatively cheap. There are many hotels that, for relatively little money, offer to rent a luxury hotel room and try various dishes of national cuisine.
  • confidentiality - all cosmetic procedures are guaranteed confidential and will remain completely secret.

Plastic surgery in Turkey is an ideal option, as it is available but at the same time offers unlimited possibilities.

Value for money and quality

The demand for plastic surgery has increased significantly over the past decade. But the main factor that often deters patients from treatment is its cost. However, the pricing policy of plastic surgery is quite democratic and much lower than in Europe or the United States. Sometimes, the price of procedures is 80 per cent lower than in other Western countries.

Turkey has easy access to raw staff, which reduces the cost of medical care for its products and operations. In addition, compared to Europe and the United States, labour costs in all industries are much lower. It affects the cost of medical equipment and consumables. As a result, qualified plastic surgery, surgical treatment from experienced surgeons, medical staff and the best equipment are much more affordable.

For clarity, let's give an example of plastic surgery for breast augmentation with anatomical implants without breast skin lifting using Mentor implants by a Professor surgeon in Israel will cost 12,000 - 18000 USD, while in Turkey - 3500 - 4500 Euro.

We can give examples of the cost of the most popular plastic surgeries in clinics in the UK and Turkey:


Cost in Turkey, euro

Cost in UK, euro

Hair transplant

1600 - 3000

6000 - 12000


2000 - 4000

3500 - 8000


2200 - 4000

4500 - 5500

Breast augmentation

2900 - 3800

7000 - 10800

Mommy makeover

7000 - 9500

12000 - 18000

But the most important thing you need to know is that such a difference in the cost of plastic procedures is not a compromise on the quality of medical care.

The best clinics for plastic surgery in Turkey

Since plastic surgery makes significant changes in your life, it is crucial to carefully choose an experienced surgeon in the right specialization and a clinic where all the planned changes will be made.

AiroMedical specialists have done a lot of work to study the range of plastic surgery services provided by the best clinics in Turkey. As a result of analytical work, we have identified several types of clinics for plastic surgeries.

Also, I would like to designate the so-called large multidisciplinary clinics in Turkey: Istinye University Hospital Bahcesehir Istanbul, American Hospital Istanbul and Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital Istanbul. These are world-renowned professors of sciences. Equipping these clinics with innovative medical equipment is fantastic and delighting—modern interior and completeness with the latest technology. In terms of technological equipment and the medical staff of doctors, these clinics are not inferior to clinics in Israel and Germany, and in some medical aspects even outperform them.

Innovators in a specific industry are specialized clinics such as Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Centre Istanbul, Dr Soho Clinic Istanbul, and Db'est Clinic Istanbul provide medical services following international standards. They monitor advanced technologies worldwide and have extensive practice in conducting standard interventions.

Treatment in Turkey with AiroMedical

Each surgical operation involves risks and potential complications. In addition, everyone wants to be sure of the appropriate training and qualifications of the operating surgeon and the clinic's level and equipment. AiroMedical is proud to announce its unique patient care system. It is based on:

  1. The presence of a medical analytical department that deals with medical statistics at a professional level.
  2. Many years of experience and accumulated knowledge of complex reconstructive interventions.
  3. The selection of the clinic takes place on a platform from a database of many thousands, comparing this data with the German Federal Committee and the European Federal Statistical Office (Statistisches Bundesamt). Only then do we get a complete picture of understanding which clinic or doctor is the most successful in each case.
  4. Constant monitoring of publications and research databases to obtain information on new possible approaches in plastic surgery.


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