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Get individual treatment plan and cost estimate.Get individual treatment plan and cost estimate. Non-binding 100% free assessment

About AiroMedical

The primary goal of AiroMedical is to help our patients and world-leading doctors find each other. Every day we work to deserve your trust.
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If you are here, you or your loved one likely need help. You are looking for a clinic that would make a precise diagnosis, prescribe a treatment that will fit the best, and put you on your feet.  We are here to do all these things and even more. AiroMedical is a fast-growing platform for international patients booking treatment in TOP hospitals. Every team member — medical doctors, analysts, IT specialists, travel assistants, and patient managers are working toward a common vision. It means we provide each client world’s best clinical protocols for diagnosis and treatment, last medical technologies, and specialized medical care with a personal “five-star” level of service. Here are just a few facts:

Patients use our all-inclusive service per month

We take the best from the world’s medical tourism practices, providing a full range of services, from treatment selection to full recovery and aftercare. We are genuinely interested in the positive outcome of the treatment. Life and health depend on our competence. Therefore, we are on call 24/7 to resolve all emerging issues before, during, and after your treatment abroad.

1-2 days from application to start the treatment 

We decreased the time by 3-4 times compared with the 99% of TOP med booking agencies because of the unique approach. No more intermediaries between us — real patient contact only with the real European doctor with years of experience in the required field. Now we have hundreds of specialists who can give the patients personally sound advice about the best solutions for their medical issues.
Made in EU

Double certification to meet the best European standards

Made in EU
AiroMedical is a licensed medical tourism company double-certified by IMTJ and Temos. These certifications ensure that all our customers receive the highest European service and medical confidentiality. It meets the expectations of our most demanding clients.

More than 500 statistic reports for the most precise choice

Each doctor has their own experience, number of performed procedures, and success rate. That is why we use statistical reports as an essential platform part. Careful analysis of statistics by AiroMedical allows us to choose the most suitable treatment methods, doctors, and clinics for each medical case. And we do this fast and effectively, saving your time and budget.

Hospitals and Doctors in the current database

Over the years, we have built contacts and practice with whom we can vouch for ourselves. We are proud of the unique team of doctors and open to involving the best. Our doctors use a whole range of modern technologies for treatment: non-surgical low-traumatic techniques, microsurgery, classical surgery, endoprosthetics, and other medical advances. We can find the medical solution for the most critical cases within a limited time frame.
Success in our work is made up of little things. Since 2018, AiroMedical has been building relationships with our clients without missing any. Ready to start? Just fill out the form, and we will answer immediately.
Get individual treatment plan and cost estimate. Non-binding 100% free assessment