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Editorial Policy

AiroMedical is an international medical platform that unites the best clinics from various countries and skilled doctors into a single medical network. We make health information transparent and accessible, empowering you to make informed decisions regarding your well-being.

Our mission

We want to be the ones you can trust and who won't let you down. So the constant care of our patients is one of our top priorities. Therefore, we provide you with reliable and accurate information not only about the disease itself but also about where and how it can be effectively cured.

Our philosophy is to help you make the right choice. On our pages, you will find various types of content, including articles, guides, information about healthcare providers, reviews, and other materials about different medical conditions and current methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Important: At AiroMedical, we want to stress that the provided information on our website cannot be used for self-medication and is not a substitute for the advice of a qualified doctor. We share information to help you better understand medical services and treatment options. But only a practicing doctor can offer a comprehensive examination, diagnose accurately, and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Who is creating our content?

A team of experienced specialists in the medical field is working on creating medical content. All our authors are trained in research methodologies and expert opinion sourcing. Additionally, we provide regular training and feedback to improve our work continually.

Medical writers

In addition to practicing doctors, content is created by authors who, although they are not medical professionals, have experience writing medical articles for at least two years. The authors' skills, confirmed by reliable sources, help us to speak to patients in their language and to explain complex terms in simple words.


Our medical illustrators visualize the content so that the reader understands the meaning of the article. Realistic illustrations, graphs, and tables enliven texts, highlight the main points, and involve readers in the sometimes difficult-to-understand article content.


Our statisticians are not engaged in medicine but are fans of qualitative analysis and comparison of medical data. They find valuable figures and statistics on the work of medical institutions and data on the success of treatment of each specific disease that will help you make an informed decision.

Medical board

Our team consists of people who have dedicated their lives to medicine. These doctors carefully review and update all medical information on the website, drawing from their years of clinical practice and research. Among them are physicians from different fields and professionals who rely on their expertise and regularly enhance their skills.

Mistakes: We're here to help. But still, errors and imperfections in our texts might happen. If you have noticed any mistakes, or have doubts or comments, you can contact our content team by e-mail: info@airomedical.com

Editorial cycle

We aim to discuss health and treatment methods in a clear and accessible manner for all. Airomedical steer clear of using complex medical terminology without explaining those terms. Our content is explicitly tailored if you seek guidance on a specific disease or wellness.

Before publication, every article undergoes a review process by a medical specialist with an academic degree and clinical experience. Our specialists aim to share verified, documented, and practical scientific and medical information with a broad audience in a clear and easy-to-understand format. Find out more details of our editorial process:


Our website aims to answer all your inquiries related to specific medical issues. To achieve this, the author analyzes scientific publications, international clinical protocols, and independent specialized publications to collect accurate and reliable information.


The authors create content based on the principles of editorial policy and the tone of voice. Active interaction with illustrators and statisticians ensures the reliability of the material and increases the ease of article perception by patients.

Medical review

The author supplements it with data from interviews with reputable clinicians who deal with specific diseases daily. A medical editor reviews it for correct medical terminology, conducts fact-checking, and proper presentation literacy.


Before publication, the editor-in-chief conducts the final review of the material.


Our authors have constant access to published texts, allowing them to update and modify the content based on the latest scientific research findings.

Sources of information

To ensure the accuracy of our articles, we only utilize highly credible information sources. Active links in the text indicate primary sources such as research, scientific, and statistical data. Find more about the types of sources that our creators use:

Scientific publications

A scientific publication results from a study by researchers or doctors who share their discoveries about disease treatment methods. When writing content, we commonly use PubMed, ScienceDirect, BiomedCentral, Cochranelibrary, and ResearchGate.

Medical associations

Medical associations unite professional doctors to combat certain diseases and introduce the best medical practices. In our activities, we rely on the experience and research results of such organizations as WHO, EACR, ESMO, National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society, German Cancer Society, and ECC.

Statistical database

Recently, the number of new methods of diagnosis and treatment has increased significantly. Databases contain much accumulated medical information, simplifying its acquisition for patients and doctors. We use the data provided by ClinicalTrials, Statista, CDC, and Eurostat.

Healthcare quality reports

Reports on the quality of medical care reflect the degree of treatment compliance with all international criteria and standards, the level of medical science, and the patient's needs. We use the data provided by QualityNet, Medicare, German Federal Committee.

Internationally-accredited media

Internationally-accredited media cover medical activities and carry valuable information about scientific discoveries and confirmed research results, current ratings of the best doctors, and the color of world medicine. The following publications share their data with us: Focus, Forbes, Newsweek, Fierce Healthcare, BBC, and ScienceDaily.

Partner material

We use materials that are helpful to the patient and provided to us by partner clinics about the number of patients, operations performed, author's methods implemented by professors of these clinics, and the success of a particular treatment method.

Fact-checking process

Our content creation process involves a comprehensive two-step verification. Firstly, a medical editor checks the article for the accuracy of medical facts, scientific information, and proper use of terminology. Secondly, a proofreader reviews the text for stylistic consistency, spelling, and punctuation errors. Articles can be published only after a thorough two-level review.

We extensively research each article and carefully review the sources for relevance, reliability, and objectivity. We cross-check statistical data, facts, figures, and statements using at least two separate resources.

We prioritize the scientific validity of our information to ensure high-quality content. AiroMedical aims to help patients make informed decisions, so we always back up our claims with reliable evidence. Our texts rely on factual and digital data confirmed by trustworthy sources, which we provide with an active link to the original source.

Our tone of voice

We try to speak warmly and homely, accessible and understandable, but simultaneously truthfully and reliably. Our content adheres to the highest standards of health and medical journalism. In addition, our editorial team and medical experts strive to provide honest, comprehensive recommendations and health advice.

Our work focuses on being open, accurate, and straightforward. We believe positive presenting information is vital as it inspires hope and joy rather than causing depression. Using a positive tone, we encourage you to make positive lifestyle changes proactively. We strive to communicate with you consciously, making information accessible and easy to understand.

Principles of content creation

In our work, we are guided by the following principles:

  • Utility. We strive to provide helpful and enlightening information on our site that answers questions and solves problems for our users. We take care to ensure this information is updated daily.
  • Reliability. When we create content, we only use primary sources. We don't compile excerpts from the media because they might misinterpret a study or ignore evidence-based medicine principles.
  • Availability. We strive to talk about medicine in such a way that anyone can understand us, including those who do not have a medical education. Thus, we avoid using unclear or indefinite words and phrases and clarify any complex terminology so that a broad audience can understand it.
  • Independence. We reserve the right not to publish medical recommendations that do not have an evidence base.
  • Expert opinion. Highly experienced doctors with at least ten years of medical expertise thoroughly review our articles. In case of any uncertainties, they consult with their colleagues, who are renowned professors with even more extensive experience.
  • Objective. We only use information from official and verified sources in our work. We never use unverified data or facts, promote specific clinics or exaggerate their benefits. Our content is strictly advisory.
  • Copyright. We ensure that all information and visuals on our website follow copyright laws. Additionally, we only publish statistics from medical partners who have consented.
  • Transparency. We provide transparent information that patients can easily verify. It includes statistics on the number of operations, their success rate, any complications, the doctor's experience, and the patient's opinion.
  • Completeness. We aim to simplify your life by providing detailed information on illnesses, treatment alternatives, medical facilities, and travel preparations, including travel requirements. We only post valuable content that is informative and helpful to our readers. Ensuring the information we provide is complete is our top priority in maintaining quality content.


We keep our website updated with the latest information and provide our readers with only relevant content. You can always rely on us to inform you about new diagnostic and treatment methods introduced this year.

Each of our texts has an update cycle. The frequency of content updates depends on the specific topics. Our pages have information about the last content update time. This is due to the fast-paced advancements in different medical branches, the introduction of new treatment techniques, experimental findings, and scientific breakthroughs.

Outdated content: Please let our editorial office know if you notice any issues with our content, such as outdated, inaccurate, or contradictory information. We appreciate your help maintaining our content's quality and will respond promptly to address any concerns. You can contact our team by e-mail: info@airomedical.com

User content

User content on our platform includes reviews and comments. Our users often share their valuable experiences in reviews, which can be helpful for you and other website visitors. However, only patients or their accompanying person who has used a medical service through our website can leave a review about the clinic or treatment. It is a guarantee that real patients write all reviews.

Healthcare providers are also users that share information about their service. For example, the hospital and doctor pages' content might include data shared by particular institutions. We constantly check the accuracy of such content to ensure that our visitors can rely on unbiased information.

Moderation: At our platform, we value respectful and positive communication. Accordingly, we do not tolerate content that discriminates, insults, threatens, incites hatred, or calls for illegal activities. Therefore, we reserve the right to moderate and delete any data, comments, or feedback we deem inappropriate.

We focus on educating patients about their medical conditions, treatment options, and healthcare providers. We are not involved in selling specific medical content or the paid promotion of clinics, doctors, or pharmaceuticals. And we do not generate advertising revenue.


All our text materials are original. The absence of plagiarism is confirmed by checks using special services.

International copyright and related rights laws protect all information provided on or through our website. Therefore, copying or altering the text on this site is not allowed and is punishable by law.

You can quote our information in up to 10% of the original text, provided an active link to the source.

Note: Our website's original, legally binding version is written in English. Likewise, we have translated it into other languages for the convenience of our users who do not speak English. In case of discrepancies, the English text shall prevail.