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Get individual treatment plan and cost estimate.Get individual treatment plan and cost estimate. Non-binding 100% free assessment

Our advantages

The primary goal of AiroMedical is to help our patients and world-leading doctors find each other. Every day we work to deserve your trust.
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Our advantages — your medical benefits Sometimes life doesn't turn out as expected. There are times when health fails. It is even more important to know where to find the solution if needed.   AiroMedical, as an international platform for healthcare search, operates a "complete-cycle" system with access to super professionals in their fields of diagnostic, surgeries, conservative treatment, and rehabilitation until complete recovery. The whole cycle also means impeccable service: transfer, accommodation, full support from personal treatment and travel managers, translation, and exclusive medical insurance.    With AiroMedical you:

Save time getting to the right doctor

We have accumulated information and precise statistical data from more than 523 hospitals. Moreover, as medical facilitators, we select the facility for your case based on your personal medical needs. From the very beginning, you are advised by an expert-level specialist. It means that we delve into your situation, identify the cause of your problem, and are personally responsible for every word.

Save at least 30% of the total bill

Due to the direct partnership with 4756 hospitals and individual doctors, AiroMedical offers the lowest final price for international patients. The given cost estimate is always last; in any case, we will not change it — before, during, or after your arrival. No additional payments will be charged. In addition, our direct-partnership model provides a wide range of choices and savings. It is much better than looking for a treatment, clinic, or doctor on your own.  

Meet the strict European standards

AiroMedical is a double-certified medical travel company by IMTJ (International Medical Travel Journal) and Temos (International Healthcare Accreditation). These awards are based on neutral, third-party international experts' evaluation and confirm that our clients receive the highest level of service and medical confidentiality.

Get an additional guarantee of safety

At AiroMedical, we have chosen clinics and doctors we are as confident in as we are in ourselves. Still, if something goes wrong, as it happens in medicine, the company makes insurance for you. It is included in the package price. We cover the costs, so this is one of the most significant advantages of starting your safe medical journey and being treated with us.
Those who suffer from illnesses and the effects of injuries want to recover as quickly as possible. They are looking for the best and find us. We have created a service where the patient's comfort is in the spotlight. These are not just beautiful words.  Every month almost 3609 customers see this personally. And the number of them is only growing. Are you ready to join? Just fill out the form, and we will answer immediately.
Get individual treatment plan and cost estimate. Non-binding 100% free assessment