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Gamma Knife Surgery: Alternative to Many Conditions and More image

Gamma Knife Surgery: Alternative to Many Conditions and More

Hard-to-reach, deeply located tumors remain a significant problem in oncology. Until recently, doctors could only remove them surgically. A lot of the brain tumors were considered incurable. Gamma Knife radiosurgery sometimes becomes the choice of the best neurosurgeons in the world in treating brain disorders and removing a brain tumor without a scalpel and blood.
Proton Therapy: New Approach to Cancer Treatment image

Proton Therapy: New Approach to Cancer Treatment

Proton therapy is a modern alternative to traditional cancer treatment. Compared with radiotherapy, which works on a similar principle, it is much safer. This factor is essential in treating children, the elderly, and vulnerable people. Over the 14 years of the method's existence, more than 170.000 people have undergone proton treatment for cancer.
Keratoconus guide image

Keratoconus guide

The human cornea is the transparent outer lens of the eye. It usually has a ball-like shape. In keratoconus, the cornea thins and bulges into an irregular cone shape, resulting in loss of vision. Keratoconus occurs in around one in 2,000 people. Usually, the disease begins during puberty and progresses to the middle of 30 years of age. It is impossible to foresee how the disease will progress. The corneal change usually affects both eyes, with one more affected than the other.
Retinitis pigmentosa guide image

Retinitis pigmentosa guide

Retinitis pigmentosa is a group of rare, genetic eye diseases. All these diseases affect the eye's retina and its light perception. The retina is the nerve layer that lines the back of the eye and is sensitive to light. Retinitis pigmentosa causes cells in the retina to slowly break down, causing a steady loss or deterioration of vision.
Cataracts guide image

Cataracts guide

A cataract is a clouding or loss of transparency of the eye's natural lens. It is because the proteins contained in the lens are destroyed and stick together. Moreover, the disease eventually leads to vision loss and, in individual cases, blindness.
Lung cancer treatment in Germany image

Lung cancer treatment in Germany

Lung cancer is the second most frequent type of cancer worldwide and is the most common reason for death. This disease accounted for 2.1 million new cases and 1.8 million deaths in 2021. The lack of evident symptoms in the early stages means that the illness is often detected too late. Early detection strategies are essential in the treatment of lung tumours. This type of cancer defies medicine, doctors, and the world's health policy.
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