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Thymus Cancer Guide image

Thymus Cancer Guide

In the USA, only about 390 new cases of thymus cancer are discovered yearly. Every two in three patients with thymus cancer are asymptomatic when diagnosed. Patients with thymus cancer have 28% more chances of developing other types of cancer. Thymus cancer represents 20% of all tumors in the mediastinum.
Gallbladder Cancer Guide image

Gallbladder Cancer Guide

Up to 85% of patients with gallbladder cancer also have gallstones. About 4 000 new cases of gallbladder cancer are verified yearly in the USA. Gallbladder tumors represent up to 80-95%of all hepatic-biliary tract cancers. Only 30% of patients receive a diagnosis of gallbladder cancer before surgery.
Chiari Malformation Guide image

Chiari Malformation Guide

About 90% of patients with Chiari malformation type 1 don't show specific symptoms. 80% of adult patients with newly discovered CM are women. About 50% of all Chiari malformation type 1 discovering incidentally. Up to 18% of kids with Chiari malformation type 2 die before age three.
Neuroendocrine (NETs) Tumors Guide image

Neuroendocrine (NETs) Tumors Guide

Only about 0,5% of newly diagnosed cancers are neuroendocrine tumors. 12-22% of patients with newly diagnosed neuroendocrine tumors already have metastases. The prevalence of neuroendocrine tumors in the USA is only 103,312 cases. There are 2,5 times more female patients with neuroendocrine tumors than male patients.
Spinal Tumor Guide image

Spinal Tumor Guide

97% of all spinal tumors have metastatic nature. Up to 56% of primary spinal tumor cases are benign. About 80% of primary spinal tumors are asymptomatic. The average recurrence rate of spinal tumors is about 25%. The spinal cord is second among the essential elements of the human nervous system. Together with the brain, it is a part of the central nervous system. The spinal cord is about 43-45 cm long. It went inside the backbone's spinal canal and separated into 31 segments. The spinal canal also contains cerebrospinal fluid, which is necessary for the adequate functioning of the nervous system.
Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak Guide image

Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak Guide

Up to 30% of skull base fractures, 9% of open head injuries, and 3% of closed head injuries end up with cerebrospinal fluid leaks. About 30-38% of patients with a cerebrospinal fluid leak will have a relapse. Each third case of cerebrospinal fluid leak leads to meningitis.
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