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Migraine is an independent illness related to constant pain in the head. Headache may be a symptom of many diseases. Such a pain syndrome is one of the most frequent reasons for consulting neurologists, therapists, and other doctors. The doctors prescribe various medications, including analgesics, antiepileptic and anti-inflammatory drugs, antidepressants, and hormonal pills.

Headaches are often not perceived as serious disorders because they are primarily episodic, non-fatal and non-contagious. At the same time, migraines are one of the most common disorders of the nervous system. Statistics show that nearly half of adults experience a headache at least once a year. Migraine, tension-type, and cluster headaches result in high levels of disability and poor health.

Tension headache is the most popular type of primary headache. Episodic attacks of such pain are reported by up to 70% of people. Its mechanism may be related to stress or musculoskeletal problems of the neck. It manifests in the form of squeezing and unpleasant sensations in the head. It can increase depending on factors, starting from external circumstances and ending with body features.

Cluster (Horton's) headache is severe pain, more common in men aged 20 to 50 who have bad habits. It is accompanied by strong excitement, watery eyes, swelling in the nose and localized in one place of the head. The most unpleasant feature of these pain syndromes is spontaneity and lack of warning signs. The causes of Horton's headache are still not fully understood. Such pain attacks can occur several times a day and accompany a person for a long time (from a week to a month).

A migraine has a throbbing character on one side of the head. According to the WHO, migraine ranks second among diseases in women aged 15-44, which most often cause loss of working capacity. Recurrent attacks throughout life characterize migraines.

The low rates of seeking medical care indicate that many people who suffer from headaches are unaware of effective treatments. Symptoms include throbbing pain (in one of the head areas), which may increase during movement. A headache often accompanies nausea, sensitivity to sounds and light, and other unpleasant symptoms. In episodic pain, it is not necessary to go to the doctor. But in case of recurring aches, timely consultation with a neurologist will help to avoid serious problems. If the migraine is permanent, it is crucial to keep a condition diary, where the patient needs to record the duration of the pain syndrome and accompanying symptoms. It will help specialists in making a diagnosis.

In severe pain, doctors prescribe simple analgesics such as aspirin, analgin, ibuprofen and other similar drugs. The use of medicinal products for migraine treatment is possible only if there are no contraindications. When a migraine occurs, the action algorithm is identical to tension pain: rest in a quiet and dark room, a light diet, depending on the patient's condition - medication. With frequent migraines, it is essential to pay attention to your lifestyle. This headache occurs due to high stress, workload, alcohol and certain foods.

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