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Ulm, Germany
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University Hospital Ulm
University Hospital Ulm
University Hospital Ulm

About the hospital

University Hospital Ulm (UKU) is the youngest of the university hospitals in Baden-Württemberg. With 39 years of experience, the hospital has taken a strong position in patient care, research, and teaching at universities. Today the hospital is an integral part of the medical and scientific arena of the region and the country.

With 29 clinics and 16 institutes, the hospital offers patients in the region and beyond inpatient and outpatient care at the highest level. Approximately 50,000 patients are treated annually at the University Hospital. In addition, there are almost 300,000 outpatient cases quarterly. More than 3,300 babies are born in the hospital every year. The clinic employs 6,400 people, including more than 850 doctors and 1,500 nurses.

According to FOCUS magazine, the University Hospital Ulm ranks 18th out of 1,680 hospitals across Germany. In 2012, the clinic opened an ultra-modern complex for surgical clinics and dermatology for maximum quality and patient comfort. Medical services in diagnostics and treatment are combined with research and teaching. Every day, clinical and scientific experts strive to understand the human disease better and find better treatments for patients. The hospital uses modern MRI, CT, ultrasound, and endoscopic instruments for accurate and timely diagnosis. As an effective therapy, doctors prefer to use minimally invasive techniques. Particular attention is also paid to plastic and reconstructive surgery.

University hospital treatment provides extensive care in all medical disciplines based on a comprehensive approach to medical care. By combining all the departments' experiences, specialists can find the best therapy for each disease. The departments include ophthalmology, internal medicine, neurology, nuclear medicine and radiology, orthopedics and traumatology, gynecology, and obstetrics. In clinics and specialized treatment centers, patients are cared for by highly qualified doctors and nursing staff. As a result, all patients can be confident in the quality and effectiveness of medical services, as doctors strictly follow national and international guidelines.

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Founded in 1982
340,000 patients
1,264 beds available
36 departments

Is University Hospital Ulm the best among other hospitals in Germany?

Even though the hospital is the youngest among university clinics in the region, the magazine "Focus" awarded the hospital an honorable 18th place in the rating for the high efficiency of treatment and the high technology of the departments.

What range of services does the clinic offer?

Doctors offer a wide range of outpatient and inpatient treatment for eyes and vision, neurological and gynecological diseases, oncological tumors, and injuries. In addition, diseases in gastroenterology, endocrinology, cardiology, and surgery are also treated according to the highest German standards.

Is the medical center leading in the treatment of heart valve diseases?

The cardiology center at the hospital is the German leader in catheter therapy of heart valves. Doctors actively use the TAVI technique for aortic valve replacement in a hybrid operating room, reducing the risk of complications and increasing survival. 

Does the hospital have a radiology department for cancer treatment?

The radiation oncology and radiotherapy clinic is the largest radiotherapy facility in the region. Thanks to RapidArc radiation therapy, treatment has a more targeted effect on tumor tissues. The device has a variable radiation dose for each tumor for the shortest time.

Doctors in University Hospital Ulm

About the city

Ulm is a major scientific and university center and one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Ulm is located on the Danube River banks in Baden-Wurttemberg. Thanks to this great location: Lake Constance and the Alps are 1.5 hours away, and the proximity to the Swabian Alba - Ulm is an ideal place to relax.

Ulm is world-famous for its cathedral with the tallest spire in the world. Travelers with high stamina can see Ulm and its surroundings from 161 meters. A guided tour of the Ulm Museum is also an exciting experience. Its archaeological collection includes a 32,000-year-old lion-headed figurine, the world's oldest known artificial sculpture. The Ulm Museum also provides cultural insight into Ulm's historical past and two of its most famous citizens: Albert Einstein and Sophie Scholl. The popular areas of Fischerviertel and Gerberviertel have been beautifully restored and are home to great cafes, restaurants, and pubs. There are also plenty of relaxing beer gardens in Neu-Ulm, the Bavarian counterpart of the city across the Danube.

Ulm is a major road, rail, and communications center. Its industries include automobiles, electrical equipment, metal products, garden tools, textiles, and other light industries. The city has many schools, academies, colleges, and libraries. Ulm University was founded in 1967 as the "Ulm University of Medical and Natural Sciences" and is the youngest public university in Baden-Wurttemberg. In addition, the Ulm University Hospital provides patient care and - in close cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine - trains students in human medicine, dentistry, and molecular medicine. Sports such as football, volleyball, and basketball are also in demand in the city. The city also has one of the largest rowing clubs in Baden-Wurttemberg - Ulmer Ruderclub Donau.

Ulm presents itself as an old city with its romantic narrow streets, squares, and half-timbered houses that retain the character of a small fishing village. Visitors to the town can enjoy the great atmosphere while walking along the Blau, a tributary of the Danube, or take a short break in one of the many cafes. No one remains indifferent after visiting such a diverse city as Ulm.

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