Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Germany
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Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Heidelberg
Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Heidelberg
Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Heidelberg

About the hospital

Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Heidelberg is a highly specialized medical center whose work aims to restore lost motor, cognitive and speech functions in patients with central and peripheral nervous system diseases. The clinic is part of a rehabilitation center chain founded by Professor Friedrich Schmider in 1950. This is a motto of the center - “Never give up.”

Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Heidelberg includes a large early rehabilitation unit, a day hospital, and an academic teaching hospital at Heidelberg University. The clinic has several phase B beds with eight ventilation sites and monitoring. Treatment teams are doctors, therapists, nurses, and social workers. Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder is well equipped (including robotic rehabilitation, transcranial magnetic stimulation, etc.) and has a high level of medical, therapeutic, and nursing care. More than 2000 patients are treated in the clinic annually.

The medical team offers the entire spectrum of neurological rehabilitation - from phase A to phase E. Doctors treat patients of all severity and provide a full range of neurological services. According to the authoritative magazine Focus, the clinic is one of the best medical facilities in Germany, specializing in the rehabilitation treatment of patients with neurological disorders. Also, the highest quality of medical services provided in the clinic was awarded the prestigious German KTQ certificate and IQMG certificate along with Heidelberg University Hospital cooperation partnership. Furthermore, the clinic is in demand among international patients, which confirms its authority in the global medical arena.

The clinic offers more than ten special therapies available only in the best medical facilities. A competent interdisciplinary team of doctors and specially trained nursing staff does everything possible to make the patient believe in himself and the successful outcome of rehabilitation treatment.

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Founded in 2001
2,000 patients
N/A beds available
1 department

Does the clinic offer early neurological rehabilitation?

The Schmieder Clinic Heidelberg has several Phase B beds with eight monitored ventilation sites. In the field of early neurological rehabilitation, many different professional groups work together in an interdisciplinary manner. Treatment teams consist of doctors, therapists, nurses, and social workers.

Why is Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Heidelberg the best for neurological rehabilitation?

According to the authoritative magazine Focus, the clinic is one of the best medical facilities in Germany, specializing in the rehabilitation treatment of patients with neurological disorders. In addition, the clinic is famous among patients abroad, which confirms the quality and high demand.

What diagnostic services does the clinic provide?

Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Heidelberg has been offering the full range of modern diagnostics for decades. The clinic provides magnetic resonance imaging, including MR angiography and functional MRI, computed tomography, neurophysiology with EEG, duplex sonography, and neurosonology.

Doctor in Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Heidelberg

About the city

Situated on the riverside, Heidelberg is Germany's largest city and the country's oldest university city. Heidelberg's Old Town was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004. Attracted nearly four million visitors each year, the city is filled with historic sites and landmarks.

The city's most famous and fantastic landmark is Heidelberg Castle, which rises majestically on the banks of the river. The castle is near a beautiful garden, in which there is a monument to the great German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Heidelberg has the longest pedestrian street in all of Germany, called Hauptstrasse. This street has many souvenir shops, boutiques, bars, cafes, and fine restaurants.

Heidelberg is often referred to as a student town. Today, about 30 thousand students study here. The Ruprecht-Karl University in Heidelberg was founded in 1386 and is the oldest university in modern Germany. In addition, Heidelberg has many research institutes, especially in life sciences, which is why so many Nobel laureates come from Heidelberg universities. Heidelberg is also home to the University Hospital, which treats over 700,000 patients annually. The hospital cooperates with the Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder, a well-known European medical institution, for neurological rehabilitation.

Heidelberg is a pretty green city, so there are many opportunities for outdoor recreation. In the old town, green areas smoothly transition into city blocks and vice versa. The city's residents and guests are happy to fry kebabs here, play the guitar, and enjoy the picturesque natural landscapes.

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