Remote consultation is easier than ever

Can you remember a situation when you or your loved ones needed immediate help from a trusted doctor? AiroOnline makes it easy to contact specialists working at TOP hospitals. These professionals are among the most famous figures in medical research and treatment, clinical trials, and the development of innovative approaches to patient care.
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How to get distant consultation in 2-4 days

First, connect with our patient manager

Getting professional advice from world-class professionals can be just as helpful as seeing them personally. We rely heavily on the advice of our experts in all fields to guide our treatment decisions. Whether we're dealing with a common illness, a long-term problem, or something extremely rare and difficult to treat. One of our representatives of the service would be delighted to be of assistance to you.
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Second, give us time to estimate your situation

The doctors at AiroMedical play an essential role in assessing your situation and recommending the best possible specialist. Advice on what to ask your doctor, what tests are appropriate, and how to gather the necessary information you need will be provided. We figured out that time is of the essence for many people. Therefore, we made the whole process easy and quick.

Third, get opinions from world-class specialists

Our leading doctors are well-respected experts in their fields. Their ideas have helped us avoid making incorrect diagnoses and reduce the amount of unnecessary surgical procedures. We assist patients in having the best possible chances for recovery. Whether they seek information about advanced treatment options, are scheduled for surgery, or are in a life-threatening situation, we can help.
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Fourth, receive support after a consultation

Your case may demand regular updates and further inquiries. We continue to communicate well beyond the prescribed time limits for consultations. Our team is available to assist you if you require any more assistance.
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