University Hospital Regensburg

Regensburg, Germany
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University Hospital Regensburg
University Hospital Regensburg
University Hospital Regensburg

About the hospital

University Hospital Regensburg (UKR) is the only top healthcare provider in the eastern Bavarian region, with just over 2 million population. Both nationally and internationally, the University and the University Hospital of Regensburg enjoy an excellent reputation as a medical research centres. The hospital offers super-maximum medical care and guarantees the highest level of treatment for diseases and injuries in all of eastern Bavaria.

Currently, about 4,900 people work at the Regensburg University Hospital. About 700 of them are doctors and more than 1,700 nurses. The hospital has 839 beds (including 83 intensive care beds), 52-day hospital beds and 12 dialysis beds. About 35,500 inpatients and 154,000 outpatients are treated at the hospital annually.

With a Case Mix Index (average case severity) of 2.00, UKR ranks first among German university hospitals and is therefore well equipped to treat the most severe illnesses and injuries. In close connection with scientific activities, the hospital ensures the immediate implementation of medical achievements in patient care, and the results of patient treatment are directly taken into account in scientific work. At the same time, one of the tasks of the hospital is to train young specialists in the field of medicine and dentistry. It is part of the medical region, a fusion of institutions and experts in the healthcare field. This cooperation allows hospitals to optimize the processes of providing medical services, from emergency care to the training of nursing staff.

The University Hospital Regensburg offers almost the entire range of medical disciplines. It is focused on high-performance medicine with a particular focus on oncological and cardiovascular diseases, as well as intensive care, immune and transplant medicine. The hospital's medical team has exceptional experience in ophthalmology, vascular surgery, neurosurgery, otolaryngology, nephrology, and thoracic surgery. The hospital also includes the department of dermatology, paediatrics, dentistry, psychosomatic medicine, X-ray diagnostics and radiation therapy. Surgeons, therapists, nurses, physiotherapists and psychologists of the hospital are doing everything possible for the speedy recovery of patients and returning to their former lives.

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Founded in 1992
189,500 patients
839 beds available
N/A departments

What range of services does the University Hospital Regensburg offer?

The hospital work is primarily focused on cancer patients. The clinic offers modern diagnosis and a whole treatment range in oncology, from traditional surgery and radiotherapy up to molecular and cell therapies. It also includes a range of specialized units such as dermatology, ophthalmology, urology, etc.

Why is the clinic one of the best in intensive care?

Because the clinic is equipped with the extracorporeal life support system of arteriovenous shunting in emergency cardiopulmonary conditions. In addition, extracorporeal pulmonary support and membrane oxygenation are actively used in acute, severe heart and respiratory failure.

Are liver transplants performed in the hospital?

The medical centre is the first liver transplant unit in Germany. Back in 1963, the first successful liver transplant was performed. The institution has achieved impressive results in organ transplantation, as it completes 80 kidney transplants and 50 liver transplants annually.

Does the clinic consider issues of family cancer?

An interdisciplinary team of human genetics, gynaecology and radiology work together in the сentre for familial breast and ovarian cancer. Patients are served in the framework of "integrated care", which means prevention, diagnosis, therapy, care and genetic counselling “from a single source”.

About the city

Regensburg is an old and very picturesque German city located at the northernmost point of the Danube, between the Goboden region and the two low mountain ranges. Regensburg is a flourishing centre of trade and industry. The city and the region are home to leading international corporations and thriving small and medium-sized businesses.

Regensburg can boast a legacy of over 2,000 years of history. There are 1,500 architectural monuments in Regensburg, 984 of which are part of the Old Town with Stadtamhof ensemble, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Stone bridge, cathedral and Krauterermarkt with Collegiate Church of St. John, the Cathedral Museum, the city house of the patrician and the historic Adler Pharmacy are among Regensburg's most significant architectural monuments. The cultural life of Regensburg is as diverse as the treasures of its Old Town. Domspatzen, for example, is one of the oldest boys' choirs in the world.

The city is a dynamic and innovative research centre. The two business incubators, BioPark and TechBase, and numerous research centres are part of a comprehensive political and economic strategy. The University of Regensburg is now a renowned research and teaching centre with an international focus. A total of 33,000 students study at the university's three colleges. The university medical hospital can provide tertiary care and is also the leading one in Germany for treating serious injuries and traumas.

The people of Regensburg know plenty of ways to have fun. With over 500 bars, restaurants, clubs and other establishments in the city centre alone, Regensburg provides a rich and varied nightlife thanks to its young population. The city also has a lot of greenery. Numerous city parks or the university botanical garden provide calm and unhurried relaxation.

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