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Leipzig, Germany
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University Hospital Leipzig
University Hospital Leipzig
University Hospital Leipzig

About the hospital

University Hospital Leipzig (UML) is a maximum care hospital that offers a full range of medical care, except cardiac surgery and pediatric cardiology. In addition, the Medicine Faculty of the University of Leipzig cooperates with more than 14 universities worldwide, allowing the development of innovative treatments for hospital patients.

More than 6,000 employees are involved in patient care, research and teaching at the Medical University of Leipzig (UML). The hospital comprises seven departments, ten institutes, 61 clinics and 35 operating rooms. The University Hospital has 1451 beds. Every year, more than 52,000 inpatients and 305,000 outpatients are treated at the hospital. In addition, for patients who come from abroad, the hospital offers translation services.

The University Hospital Leipzig provides high-quality medical care to patients and their families. The medical team conducts research to treat patients effectively and educates the next generation of healthcare professionals. Medical Center of the University of Leipzig established the first centre for robotic and computer-assisted surgery in Saxony. Based on the hospital, there is an Innovative centre for computer surgery, a pioneer in developing computers, integration technologies and intelligent assistive systems in medicine. The main goal is to improve therapies and workflow for patient safety and cost-effective technologies. The hospital also has a certified oncology centre where an interdisciplinary team treats patients from Germany and neighbouring European countries.

The main directions of the hospital are endocrinology and diabetology, allergology, and cardiovascular diseases. The hospital's departments include internal medicine, abdominal and thoracic surgery, neurology, orthopaedics and traumatology, gynaecology and obstetrics. The University Hospital also has a centre for biotechnology and biomedicine, which deals with molecular cell therapy and stem cell transplantation. Hospital patients can be sure they receive comprehensive and professional medical care at the University Hospital Leipzig.

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357,000 patients
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Why is University Hospital Leipzig considered the best in the region?

Thanks to its capacity, the hospital gained a lot of experience and was the first in the region to use the DaVinci surgical systems. In addition, the movement toward global cure methods contributes to a high success rate in bariatrics, diabetology and oncology compared to other hospitals.

What services does the sarcoma centre provide?

The portfolio of the sarcoma centre includes a wide range of surgical techniques, open and minimally invasive thoracic and abdominal surgeries, bone stabilizing surgeries, regenerative bone surgeries, conserving endoprosthesis care, and plastic procedures for defect closure and reconstruction. 

Is it possible to treat acute and chronic thrombosis in a hospital?

The clinic offers a wide range of thrombosis treatment services, starting with medication and ending with hybrid operations of several vessels at once using endovascular minimally invasive techniques. The most modern ultrasound devices and laser speckle-contrast analysis (LASCA) increase accuracy.

What therapeutic areas does the clinic include?

The hospital offers world-class treatment for the most common human diseases, including allergies and diabetes, organ and nervous system surgery, reproductive medicine, and general digestive, respiratory, and urinary therapy. Also, the scientific centre deeply studies molecular medicine.

About the city

Leipzig is the pearl of Saxony, a city of fairs, festivals and beautiful architecture. The German city of Leipzig is located in the lowland of the same name, at the confluence of the three rivers Weisse-Elster, Pleisse and Parte. Many artificial lakes and canals have been created in the city and its surroundings, which is why Leipzig is called the "little Venice"‎. The town almost entirely consists of historical buildings. Therefore it has the status of the architectural capital of Germany. Leipzig combines Gothic and Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau, striking with its architectural diversity and richness.

Leipzig is a city of fairs, the first of which appeared here in the 12th century, had an imperial status, were known throughout Europe at that time and are still popular today. In Leipzig, guests can visit the Museums of Fine Arts, Art Crafts, Ethnographic Museum, German Museum of Books and Literature, and others. Among the sights are the Old Town Hall, the Church of St. Thomas, the building of the Old Stock Exchange and the Goliz Palace. In addition, it will be interesting for children to visit the Leipzig Zoo, known for the most significant number of primates and the largest aquarium in Europe.

Leipzig has been a respected learning centre throughout Europe since the 18th century. It is home to various research institutes, making the city an exciting research centre for arts, sciences and more departments. The University of Leipzig was founded in 1409 and is the second oldest university in modern Germany. The Leipzig University Hospital provides highly specialized medical services through close cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine. Leipzig also has a distinct musical tradition. The world-famous St. Thomas Choir in Leipzig was founded 800 years ago, and Johann Sebastian Bach was its most famous leader. The composer Felix Mendelssohn also lived in Leipzig for many years and founded the Music Conservatory in the city.

Modern Leipzig attracts intellectuals and bohemians with first-class operas and professional classical music concerts. In addition, Leipzig offers its guests a vast selection of entertainment. The city has beautiful parks, places for recreation for the whole family, modern shopping malls shining with showcases, and an abundance of nightlife.

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