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Gebze, Turkey
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Anadolu Medical Centre
Anadolu Medical Centre
Anadolu Medical Centre

About the hospital

Anadolu Medical Center is one of Turkey's leading private multidisciplinary medical institutions. Anadolu Hospital was initially opened as a specialized oncology center and later transformed into an interdisciplinary hospital, which is currently a leader in cancer treatment and bone marrow transplantation.

Anadolu Medical Center has 201 beds to provide medical services to patients and medical travelers from over 30 countries in the most complete and modern way. International patients make up about 50% of the total number of patients.

Anadolu cooperates with the Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, USA. This cooperation allows doctors to share experiences, learn new treatments, and improve their skills. Anadolu Medical Center uses American protocols. The hospital complies with international standards for the quality of medical care and is JCI accredited and certified by ESMO, a non-profit medical oncology organization. Anadolu Medical Center has been ranked as the second-best hospital worldwide for treatment abroad by the American non-profit organization MTQUA. The clinic has new medical equipment for high-quality diagnostics and treatment. Patients can undergo PET-CT, MRI, CT, and ultrasound diagnostics without long waiting times and queues within the same building. Most operations are performed by minimally invasive laparoscopically or using a Da Vinci robot. For non-surgical removal of benign and malignant neoplasms, radiosurgical units are used - CyberKnife M6, Radixact Accuracy, and Varian TrueBeam Edge.

Working in strategic partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine to improve education and quality, the hospital provides services in all areas, including, but not limited to, oncology sciences, cardiovascular disease, gynecology and IVF, neurological sciences, surgical sciences, internal medicine, diagnostics, and imaging. Patients are the number one priority at the hospital. For this reason, the medical team values ​​the needs and expectations of patients and makes every effort to ensure that the treatment process goes smoothly and they feel at home.

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Founded in 2010
N/A patients
201 beds available
36 departments

Why is the clinic considered the best for bone marrow transplantation?

Anadolu has one of the most famous bone marrow transplant centers in the Mediterranean. Today, up to 22 stem cell transplants can be performed simultaneously. The decision to transplant is made only after evaluating the patient's benefits of bone marrow transplantation.

Why is the hospital among the best for oncology?

The clinic compromises multidisciplinary departments allowing it to treat cancer patients comprehensively. Also, Anadolu Medical Centre has a unique affiliation with Johns Hopkins University Hospital, bringing the best American technologies and research to the clinic.

Is it possible to do a circulating tumor cells test in the clinic?

In 2016, doctors began to diagnose the CTC (test for circulating tumor cells), which was a real breakthrough in cancer diagnosis. The CTC method allows the recognition of a tumor when its size does not exceed 0.5 mm. Patients who undergo this diagnosis on time increase the chances of cure up to 100%.

Does Anadolu Medical Center offer reproductive medicine?

The medical center has some of the highest rates in reproductive medicine. In the clinic, the IVF success rate for patients under 35 years of age is more than 60%, much higher than in the world's leading centers. The clinic also uses pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, which avoids any congenital abnormalities.

Doctors in Anadolu Medical Centre

About the city

Gebze is a developing and growing region of Turkey, located east of the Sea of ​​Marmara and north of the Gulf of Izmit, which has a rich historical past.

The house of the famous artist Osman Hamdi is one of the most beautiful sights of Gebze. It features an elegant decoration and design on the seafront, and inside it are tall statues made with great precision and professionalism. For lovers of relaxation and enjoyment of beautiful landscapes with incredible waterfalls and lakes, the city has the Ballykayalar Natural Park. This place is a valley frequented by climbers. Eskihisar Adventure Park is also an excellent place for a picnic with kids and families, as it is located on the seafront. Adults can enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee while admiring the beautiful scenery, while children can enjoy the many games inside the park.

Gebze is an area that develops industry and urban life thanks to its location. The city became the first stop of migration from Anatolia to Istanbul. Gebze Technical University is considered one of the most advanced Turkish universities in technology, infrastructure, and scientific research. The city is also home to the cutting-edge Medical Park Hospital Gebze, which is popular with international patients. The medical center is famous for its success in treating cancer and injuries to the hand and limbs.

Gebze is a charming place and one of Kocaeli's most important Turkish cities. Rich history, breathtaking nature, exciting sights, and a developed healthcare system attract more tourists yearly.

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