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Rehabilitation Centre Abromiskes

Abromiskes, Lithuania
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Rehabilitation Centre Abromiskes
Rehabilitation Centre Abromiskes
Rehabilitation Centre Abromiskes

About the hospital

Rehabilitation Center Abromiskes is a modern rehabilitation center for adults and children in a pine forest near Lake Orys. The center's medical team aims to restore the patient's physical, sensory, and cognitive abilities impaired by illness or injury.

Every year the center receives up to 6,000 patients from all over the world, making it the largest rehabilitation center in Lithuania. Rehabilitation Centre includes 210 beds available for inpatient treatment. The medical staff consists of 50 specialists, including 21 rehabilitation doctors, 19 doctors of various profiles, and nine psychologists. The center accepts patients from all over the world, so the staff speaks several languages. The clinic offers rehabilitation services such as water kinesiotherapy, occupational therapy, massage and physiotherapy.

Modern equipment is the main difference between the Rehabilitation Center Abromiskes and other clinics. In daily work, the clinic uses the unique Back-Check system, which allows doctors to find the cause of pain in the back, neck, or lower back, and the BIODEX system, which evaluates the patient's muscle strength and endurance. In addition, the clinic has a diagnostic laboratory for biochemical, microbiological, and immunological analyses. Furthermore, the medical center offers ready-made rehabilitation and wellness programs for patients who know what kind of rehabilitation course they need. Medical staff works with each patient and psychologist who provide art and music therapy. Doctors also use non-traditional approaches to treatment. For example, in 2010, the clinic was equipped with a wax room to strengthen patients' immune systems.

The center rehabilitates patients with heart disease and neurological disorders after orthopedic surgeries. The medical team specializes in rehabilitation after a stroke, heart attack, or spinal injury and in adapting patients with autism, cerebral palsy, and Parkinson's disease to a fulfilling life. The center also has a children's department, which treats pediatric patients with various diseases (respiratory, neurological, musculoskeletal, or eye diseases). The pediatricians create an atmosphere in the clinic as close to home so that the child feels safe.

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Can I assess the state of the body's muscles in the center?

The clinic's BIODEX isokinetic system is a modern device that allows you to evaluate and train the range of motion of the limbs, muscle strength, endurance, and interaction between muscle groups. For over 25 years, BIODEX has been recognized as the world standard for assessing muscle conditions.

Does Rehabilitation Centre Abromiskes offer rehabilitation for children after respiratory diseases?

The clinic provides treatment and rehabilitation for children suffering from pneumonia, bronchial asthma, obstructive pulmonary diseases, and cystic fibrosis. After a thorough examination, the most appropriate rehabilitation measures are prescribed, and an individual follow-up is planned.

What diseases are approached with rehabilitation at the center?

Doctors have many years of experience rehabilitating patients after long-term fractures and diseases of the pelvic bones, joint operations, arthritis and arthropathy, and limb amputation. Clinic patients can also receive training in using temporary and permanent prostheses.

Doctors in Rehabilitation Centre Abromiskes

About the city

Abromiskes is a small village located near the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius. The town is known for its SPAs and sanatoriums. Guests come here to improve their health not only from Lithuania but also from all over Europe.

The most significant attraction of Abromiskes is its incredible nature. The village has a picturesque lake Oris, surrounded by a pine forest. The town has many estates, cottages, and recreation centers. If desired, guests can take a steam bath, play volleyball or football on the river bank, or go kayaking. Fishing is quite common in the village, so there are many bases for sports fishing.

On the territory of Abromishkes is the Research Institute of Physiology and Pathology of the Cardiovascular System. Near the Institute is located Rehabilitation Center Abromiskes, which offers highly qualified rehabilitation assistance to patients with pathology of the musculoskeletal system, nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Abromiskes is an ideal place to relax from the bustle of the city. In addition to recreation, guests of the village often take advantage of the opportunity to improve their health and prevent diseases. Fresh air, a crystal lake, and a pine forest create all the conditions for a calm and peaceful holiday.

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