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Endocrinology (Metabolic Disorders) Worldwide: Best Hospitals, Doctors, Options, & Cost

Endocrinology is responsible for adequately functioning internal secretion glands, affecting almost all other organs. The main endocrine glands include the thyroid, pancreas, parathyroid, adrenals, and pituitary gland. Their hormones regulate growth, metabolism, blood pressure, reproduction, and other necessary functions.

Hormonal disorders can affect almost all vital organs. Diabetes tops the ranking of endocrinology diseases. More than 537 million adults (20-79 years old) have diabetes. According to forecasts, this number will increase to 643 million. By 2030.

Endocrinology diseases can occur for a long time without any signs. Only experienced endocrinologists with modern equipment can identify deviations from normal physiological parameters and choose the optimal treatment. That is why patients go abroad seeking more competent doctors who can give them a chance for a speedy recovery and a fulfilled, happy life.

Update: Apr 17, 2024

Best endocrinology hospitals

Endocrinology hospital selection process

Choosing the ideal endocrinology clinic involves evaluating the proficiency of the doctors, their credentials, and the specific areas of endocrinology offered. The hospital should feature state-of-the-art equipment and be involved in advanced metabolic disease research alongside positive patient opinions.

International recognition and accreditations testify to the clinic's commitment to high-quality standards. The hospital's location is vital for ensuring accessibility and swift care. Exploring the clinic's financial policy and cost ensures that the endocrinology treatment fits within your budget.

Additionally, a medical center that uses the latest endocrinology treatments shows that it delivers top-tier patient care. Remember, the right clinic choice significantly influences your treatment outcome, and AiroMedical is here to help.

Top endocrinologists

Prof. Dr. med. Roland M. Schmid
University Hospital Rechts der Isar Munich
internal medicine, gastroenterology, endocrinology, diabetology, infectiology, hepatology
Dr. phil. Linda Johnston-Rohrbasser
M1 Private Clinic Munich
pediatric endocrinology and diabetology, child and adolescent medicine
Prof. Dr. med. Martin Reincke
University Hospital Ludwig-Maximilians Munich
internal medicine, endocrinology, rheumatology, nephrology
Prof. Dr. med. Mathias Z. Strowski, FEBGH
Park Clinic Weissensee Berlin
internal medicine, gastroenterology, diabetology, proctology, drug therapy of tumors
Prof. Dr. med. Sven Schinner
Beta Clinic Bonn
internal medicine, endocrinology and diabetology
Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Zeuzem
University Hospital Frankfurt am Main
internal medicine, gastroenterology, endocrinology, intensive care, nutritional medicine
Dr. med. Annette Bachmann
University Hospital Frankfurt am Main
gynaecological endocrinology and reproductive medicine
Prof. Dr. med. Michael Ritter
Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch
angiology, diabetology, endocrinology, and internal medicine
Dr. med. Georg Mansmann
PAN Clinic Cologne
internal medicine, endocrinology, diabetology

What helps to find top endocrinology doctors?

Identifying a top-notch endocrinologist involves evaluating their expertise, patient care attitude, collaborative work, and adoption of cutting-edge technologies. Assess the latest treatment options doctors provide and their commitment to research-based medical practice. Patient reviews can offer personal insights into their practice.

Additionally, a reputable endocrinologist prioritizes preventive measures and communicates effectively with patients. Their association with reputable centers enhances their credibility. Their involvement in professional medical societies, their contribution to medical literature, and their participation in research are signs of their dedication to continuous improvement in endocrine healthcare.

The comprehensive approach in the endocrinologist finding ensures you receive the best care for your condition. AiroMedical can help you find a specialist who meets all your criteria. Personalized, comprehensive care can improve your health and quality of life.

Endocrinological diagnosis in TOP centers

In leading world clinics, an endocrinologist is a medical coordinator who must understand and look for causal links between various symptoms and possible endocrinology disorders. Thus, patients with excessive thyroid function may experience increased irritability, anxiety, and haste. In patients suffering from thyroid insufficiency, on the contrary, there will be pronounced apathy and calmness, lethargy, and slowness.

The list of tests to determine a metabolic disorder:

Standard blood tests
They are essential in diagnosing several endocrinology diseases. For example, anemia is often one of the leading signs of hypofunction of the thyroid gland or adrenal glands, as with Addison's disease. An increase of lymphocytes in the blood is characteristic of thyroid gland disorders, both with hyperfunction and hypofunction.
Hormonal and biochemical analysis of blood and urine
The tests determine the concentration of hormones in the body's biological fluids, which reflects the work of the endocrine glands.
A blood sugar test
It is needed to evaluate the work of the insulin system and diagnose diabetes.
It is used to diagnose osteoporosis (changes in bone density).
Magnetic resonance imaging
The examination tells about the state of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system, abdominal and pelvic organs, and skeleton.
Radioisotope scanning
The scan of the thyroid gland gives a two-dimensional image of the organ - its size and functional state.
It provides information about the condition of blood vessels and lymph nodes.
CT, MRI, and X-ray imaging
That determines changes in the skeleton, pituitary tumors, acromegaly, eunuchoidism, and hypercapitalism.

As practice shows, a thorough survey and examination of the patient by 80% make it possible to draw the correct conclusion about the presence of endocrinology issues. In addition, laboratory and instrumental studies confirm or refute the hypotheses.

Endocrinology diseases are often inherited. So, one of the main points of endocrinology diagnosis is the study of the health status of the closest relatives of patients.

Advanced treatment solutions in endocrinology

Effective endocrinology treatment requires an integrated approach and well-coordinated work of doctors of various specialties.

Endocrine disorders are treated both conservatively and surgically. However, therapeutic endocrinology has a vast, constantly updated arsenal of the latest pharmacological preparations for hormone replacement, hormone-stimulating, and hormone-suppression therapy.

Among the new techniques used by the best endocrinology hospitals

Insulin capsules
"Smart" medicine normalizes sugar levels. Insulin is "hidden" between nanolayers of a material resistant to an aggressive environment. Nanoparticles measure the insulin level in the blood and give out only medicine.
Medication management
Top endocrinologists don't just prescribe medication; they carefully manage its use. Medication management includes considering cautions, potential risks, and how they might interact with other drugs the patient takes. They also focus on using medications that have proven effective based on scientific research.

Regular checks ensure the treatment remains as effective as possible, and adjustments are made if needed to limit side effects.

Insulin pump
The portable device maintains the glucose concentration in the blood around the clock. With the help of a particular sensor, the patient's blood sugar level is determined. If it is above the norm, the patient is automatically injected subcutaneously with short-acting insulin. Insulin pumps can be used for both children and adults.

Surgical options for metabolic disorders

Endoscopic surgery
This type of surgery can help a patient with cysts, benign tumors, and other severe endocrinology diseases effectively, painlessly, and with minimal damage.
Robotic surgery
Robotic surgeries are preferred for thyroid cancer due to minimal blood loss and rapid rehabilitation. The DaVinci robot successfully performs operations on the parathyroid gland, pancreas, and adrenal glands.

Regenerative approaches

Transplantation of pancreatic islet cells
The transplant procedure is minimally invasive and is a simple insertion of islets into the liver under local anesthesia in a hospital. Islet cells maintain glucose levels in patients with chronic pancreatitis.
Artificial pancreas
It is a device that combines a glucose monitoring system and an insulin pump. The system transmits glucose readings to the pump, automatically injecting the patient with the right amount of insulin. In other words, the device works on the same principle as the pancreas of a healthy person.
Stem cell treatment
Stem cells act on the affected areas of the endocrinology organs and replace damaged cells with healthy ones. In diabetes, they can reconstruct and renew the pancreatic tissue and make the surviving cells more actively produce insulin.

New treatments in endocrinology are making life better for patients. Smart medicines like insulin capsules and pumps help control blood sugar levels easily. Medication management reduces side effects and makes treatments work better. Cutting-edge treatments like artificial pancreas devices or stem cell therapies can completely change patients' lives with long-term conditions.

These improvements mean more personalized and effective care for endocrinology patients. At AiroMedical, we help to make advanced methods accessible to everyone.

Endocrinology treatment cost

Metabolic disorders€1,490 - 3,179

Endocrinological examination€1,490 - 3,179

Advantages of medical tourism for endocrinology

Endocrinology hospitals in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Israel, and Poland specialize in treating diabetes, pituitary gland, adrenal glands, and thyroid gland diseases, as well as obesity and other problems associated with metabolic disorders.

Why you should consider medical travel for metabolic disorders

Top professionals
You can meet some of the best endocrinology specialists worldwide by choosing medical tourism for endocrinology services. These experts have a lot of experience in endocrinology and have greatly contributed to advancements in their field.
Access to advanced options
Medical tourism lets you access advanced endocrinology treatments that might not be available in your home country. This includes innovative therapies, modern technologies, and the latest high-quality medicines. All these contribute to better results, faster recovery, and fewer side effects.
Reduced waiting time
You might have to wait longer for certain endocrinology procedures in some countries. But, with medical tourism, these waiting times can be much shorter. It can be especially beneficial for patients needing immediate hospital treatment to avoid further health issues due to endocrine disorders.
Cost-effective solutions
Even with travel costs, getting endocrine care in a hospital or clinic abroad can be cheaper. Many medical tourism destinations offer top-quality endocrinology hospital services at lower prices, thanks to less competition in healthcare markets, lower operating costs, or more affordable medicines.

AiroMedical is a skillful combination of medical knowledge with the ties needed to find the best endocrinologist in the world for each patient. We deliberately limit our cooperation to hospitals with a brilliant reputation in the scientific field and narrow areas of medicine. At the same time, we are guided by the patient's objective needs and wishes (time, lifestyle, financial opportunities, etc.).

With AiroMedical, the top endocrine hospitals will open to you...no, not all doors, but those that you need.

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