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Nephrology (Kidney Diseases) Worldwide: Best Hospitals, Doctors, Options, & Cost

The kidneys remove excess fluid, salts, and minerals from the body and purify the blood from extra or harmful metabolic products. If their work is disrupted, the whole body suffers. Anyone who has at least once encountered an attack of urolithiasis is unlikely to forget the acutely painful sensations at the moment when the stone blocks the ureter and renal colic develops.

Nephrology diseases do not divide patients by gender and age. And may not show any signs for a long time. But it is better to know where to run when kidney failure reveals itself.

Nephrologists are engaged in studying, diagnosing, and treating kidney diseases. But it is not always possible to find treatment, modern medicines, and equipment in the native temples of Asclepius. Patients go abroad for an accurate nephrology diagnosis and innovative medical care.

Update: Apr 17, 2024

Best nephrology (kidney) clinics worldwide

Key points to consider about a nephrology clinic

Finding a suitable nephrological center based on your specific disease is significant for kidney treatment. Look for hospitals accredited by reputable organizations like JCI, ISO, or EKHA, indicating that they provide top-quality kidney care.

For complex and severe diagnoses, it's often best to seek out university hospitals where you can access highly skilled staff, cutting-edge techniques, and advanced medical equipment that may not be available at smaller clinics.

Hospitals with close ties to specialized clinical institutes or those recognized as scientific institutions often utilize cutting-edge methods that have already been proven effective. They may also participate in clinical studies on promising treatments that have not yet become widely available, such as wearable artificial kidneys, which could be life-saving for patients with chronic renal failure.

Centers should provide follow-up counseling, and medication management, to support successful nephrological treatment and recovery. If you're looking for the best kidney center, AiroMedical can help you find the most suitable option.

Best kidney doctors worldwide

Dr. med. Holger Heidenreich
Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Heemann
University Hospital Rechts der Isar Munich
rheumatology, autoimmune diseases, transplantology and nephrology
Prof. Dr. med. Michael Siebels
Urological Clinic Munich-Planegg
urology, uro-onclology, andrology and sexual medicine
Prof. Dr. med. Martin Reincke
University Hospital Ludwig-Maximilians Munich
internal medicine, endocrinology, rheumatology, nephrology
Dr. med. Gerhard Siebenhuner
Centre of Advanced Medicine Frankfurt am Main
holistic and regenerative medicine, biological cancer therapy and complementary oncology, anti-aging
Prof. Dr. med. Sebastian Wille
Beta Clinic Bonn
urology, surgical urology, drug therapy for urological tumors and andrology

Tips for choosing a top-rated nephrologist

The quality of a patient's daily life and even their health and survival can depend on the professionalism of their nephrologist. To ensure that kidney function is maintained as long as possible, it's essential to do some research and find the best kidney specialist who meets your specific needs.

It's critical to consider the doctor's level of expertise, ongoing interest in new technologies and their application in medical practice, work experience, reputation within the medical community, quality certifications, knowledge of hemodialysis techniques, number of procedures performed, and specialization in a particular area, such as treating acute and chronic renal failure.

At AiroMedical, we work with the best and most highly skilled nephrologists with excellent reputations and extensive experience. Our doctors use advanced and safe treatments for conditions such as urolithiasis, kidney prolapse, and cystitis, which have proven highly effective in their practice.

What kidney diagnosis is currently available?

The examination plan depends on the specific nephrology disease with which the patient goes to the clinic. To determine the exact illness image and prescribe the most effective treatment, such types of tests are prescribed:

Diagnostic tools used in leading kidney centers

Blood and urinary tract infection tests
They examine the presence of protein, sugar, ketone, blood, nitrates, leukocytes, etc.
Renal function tests for GFR (glomerular filtration rate)
Biochemical analysis to determine the level of effective renal blood flow.
In cases when a tumor formation is suspected, examining tissues is the only way to determine the disease's nature accurately. Also, kidney biopsy is frequently indicated to determine renal tissue damage and diagnose autoimmune disease to be referred to a rheumatologist on time.
Studies the kidneys' location, shape, size, and presence of stones, tumors, and cysts.
Visual studies are done to capture high-resolution images of the kidney. These images help to diagnose kidney diseases, determine the size and boundaries of cysts or tumors, and evaluate the blood circulation of the organ and surrounding tissues.

Specific tests

Angiography of renal vessels
It can detect vascular disorders and is used for various kidney pathologies: tumors, bleeding, etc.
Renal scintigraphy
During the procedure, a particular radiopharmaceutical drug is injected into the patient's blood, which accumulates in damaged or healthy tissues. A gamma camera captures this accumulation, and the resulting data is processed. It allows doctors to obtain a "photo" of the kidney, enabling them to view any changes in function and tissues.
DMSA scanning
Radioisotope study to evaluate the kidney's functionality and determine the anomaly's localization and size.
An innovative diagnostic in case of suspicion of cancer. It can detect even the most minor clusters of cancer cells.

Getting a timely and accurate diagnosis of kidney disease is crucial to minimize complications and ensure prompt treatment. Leading nephrology centers conduct comprehensive diagnostic procedures using modern analyzers, including scans and advanced laboratory tests. Finally, doctors create a personalized treatment plan for each patient based on the diagnostic results.

Advanced treatment solutions for kidney disease

Nephrologists abroad help patients, regardless of their age and degree of the disease. In the departments of pediatric nephrology, the most complex procedures are carried out, such as kidney transplants and other non-surgical interventions. Innovative nephrology techniques are constantly being introduced into medical practice.

Newest treatments for kidney issues

Ureteroscopic lithotripsy
Sometimes called laser crushing of stones in urolithiasis. A laser is applied through the urethra, destroying the stone of any shape and density. However, many doctors refer the procedure to urology; it helps resolve kidney stones and prevent nephrological diseases.
Shock wave lithotripsy
That is a non-surgical method of treating urolithiasis with ultrasound waves. After the procedure, the crushed stones come out with urine through the urethra.
Denervation of the renal arteries
The method is used for hypertension resistant to drug treatment. During this minimally invasive surgery, the nerves in the renal arteries are destroyed. The procedure is performed using a catheter. Radiofrequency ablation is used to destroy nerves.
Kidney transplant
A surgical operation during which a healthy organ of another person is transplanted into the patient. Transplantation relieves the patient from needing dialysis and returns him to a fulfilling life.
Stem cells
The cells are obtained from the patient's bone marrow, fat tissue, or blood. Then, their number increases in the laboratory and intravenously injected back into the patient. Stem cells get into the kidney and restore the affected organ tissues.
A stent (a unique tube) is installed in the urinary duct or renal artery. The procedure restores urine output and normalizes blood circulation in the renal artery and blood pressure caused by nephrology disease.
Immunosuppressive therapy
Taking medications after kidney transplantation to prevent the development of complications and organ rejection.

Latest solutions in renal replacement therapy

Blood renewal is due to its purification with the help of high-tech equipment from all kinds of toxic substances. The uniqueness of plasmapheresis lies in the fact that purification takes place deep at the cellular level and concerns not only blood but also kidney tissue.
Extrarenal blood purification in acute and chronic nephrology disease. Toxic metabolic products are removed from the body through a special apparatus. At the same time, the water-salt balance is normalized.
Peritoneal dialysis
A special catheter is implanted into the peritoneal space to introduce a dialysis solution and remove metabolic products. Sometimes, patients can perform peritoneal dialysis even at home.
Wearable artificial kidney
It is a compact and battery-powered dialysis machine weighing only a few kilograms. A catheter connects the device to the patient, enabling it to maintain safe levels of toxic metabolites in the blood. Patients can undergo dialysis while going about their daily activities without interruption.
Bioengineered and bio-artificial kidneys
The implant consists of a silicon hemofilter that removes toxins from the blood and a bioreactor with cells from human organs. The artificial renal tubular cells inside the implant perform metabolism functions such as regulating water volume and electrolyte balance. An artificial kidney is placed in the abdominal cavity and connected to the nearby iliac artery, vein, and bladder.

One of the significant achievements of recent times is the discovery of gene mechanisms of transmission of nephrology diseases. That makes it possible to identify people with a similar mutation and effectively prevent kidney issues.

Kidney diseases treatment cost worldwide

Kidney diseases€1,393 - 2,936

Nephrological examination€1,393 - 2,936

Advantages of medical tourism for nephrology

Times are changing, and medicine is developing, but the need for migration toward high-quality and inexpensive medical care remains. Medical tourists choose nephrology treatment abroad for various reasons. For some, the opportunity to receive complex, specialized therapy plays a decisive role. For others - a reasonable cost of care and others seek to combine treatment with an exciting vacation.

Benefits of medical travel for kidney treatment

Reliable diagnostics
Diagnosing nephrology disease at the earliest stage is possible when its treatment is not so complicated and expensive. Accurate and timely diagnosis helps preserve kidney function.
Fast medical service
You can avoid long wait times for treatment by selecting the country, clinic, and start date for your therapy. Throughout the process, the doctor will communicate with you, providing constant support before, during, and after treatment.
Best kidney doctors
Highly professional nephrologists and surgeons work in hospitals in Germany, Israel, Spain, and the USA. Top-notch kidney experts treating patients can slow the disease progression and improve the patient's quality of life.
Modern treatment protocols
The patient can be sure that only the most current nephrology therapy and the latest medicines will be used for his treatment. In addition, many leading nephrology clinics offer treatment options that might not be available in ordinary hospitals.
Gentle therapy
Doctors choose conservative and operative treatment types with minor, less traumatic complications for the patient. In case of invasive procedures, top kidney specialists offer delicate interventions with reduced complication rates.
The atmosphere of recovery
The nephrology clinic staff ensures that the patient is constantly supervised and does not feel abandoned and alone with his illness.

AiroMedical will provide treatment in the best nephrology hospitals using new unique methods. Some developments have no analogs today. Nephrologists with a worldwide reputation select an individual kidney treatment regimen for each patient.

Professionals will ensure that the nephrology treatment is as effective as possible and that the stay in the country is comfortable. The choice is vast, so - trust your intuition and be healthy!

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