Best rehabilitation clinics in Germany


Rehabilitation is an essential process at the final stage of treatment. As a result of any accident, a person may be injured or ill. There are many neurological diseases where rehabilitation becomes not just the final but a necessary and lengthy process. Therefore, this is a crucial stage of treatment and the patient's return to everyday life.

TOP 5 rehabilitation centres

TOP 5 rehabilitation centresRehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Allensbach is a specialized clinic for neurological rehabilitation that provides care to patients with diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems. The principle of the hospital is "Never give up!" designed to encourage patients to believe in themselves even in difficult and seemingly hopeless moments and not lose sight of their goals. Neurological diseases often have complex disorders accompanied by a long recovery process.

  • the highest level of rehabilitation in the department of neurological rehabilitation, located in a picturesque location on Lake Constance;
  • a unique five-stage rehabilitation concept that includes several phases;
  • a specially designed assessment of indicators (at admission, 19% of patients move independently; at discharge - 49%).

TOP 5 rehabilitation centresNeurological Rehabilitation Centre Godeshohe Bonn - over 30 years of experience in the field of neurological rehabilitation. The largest and most competent department of neurological rehabilitation in Germany. Under the motto "Become a man - remain a man", the specialists of the neurological rehabilitation centre provide services of the latest achievements in clinical practice.

TOP 5 rehabilitation centresRehabilitation Centre Benedictus Feldafing is an academic clinical hospital of the Technical University of Munich. One of the most modern hospitals in Germany for further treatment in emergency and rehabilitation medicine assists in neurology, geriatrics and orthopaedics.

TOP 5 rehabilitation centresRehabilitation Clinic Jagerwinkel Bad Wiessee - state-of-the-art medicine, first-class care, rooms with a stylish and warm atmosphere. Private clinic on the Tegernsee lake, just 50 km south of Munich. From prevention to therapy and rehabilitation, clinic professionals stand for treatment that combines the latest medical discoveries with a holistic approach.

  • individual approach to each patient, contributing to rapid and long-term success in treatment;
  • the atmosphere of a high-class alpine hotel, conducive to home comfort;
  • excellent medical and technical equipment in the department of internal medicine, oncology and rehabilitation after COVID-19, complemented by a fleet of equipment for palliative care and pulmonary rehabilitation.

TOP 5 rehabilitation centresRehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Heidelberg is a leader in quality, providing neurological patients with the best treatment. The highest standards in treating neurological patients of all degrees of severity and worldwide fame for its excellent diagnostics, therapeutic treatment, and commitment to research in neurological diseases.

  • personalized and specific treatment concept for each patient;
  • a comprehensive chain of neurological rehabilitation at all stages for each patient;
  • the presence of more than ten special therapies, available only in the best medical institutions in the world; a unique department of neurological rehabilitation.

Advantages of rehabilitation in Germany

The main task for the patient is to choose the best centre for rehabilitation. If you are looking for rehabilitation services, Germany is the perfect place because it is the world leader in medical tourism. Every year, millions of people come here to get excellent healthcare and medical services. Germany is known for its medical tourism, and rehabilitation is the primary service. The country has been awarded the best rehabilitation facilities because of following strict guidelines and having world-renowned doctors.

Choosing a centre

Why can't full recovery be achieved in the hospital or at home? Medical institutions often assist in acute cases and do not pay proper attention to rehabilitation therapy. As a rule, rehabilitation programs are carried out in centres that have the opportunity to purchase the necessary equipment. The centres involve qualified rehabilitation doctors with many years of clinical experience and patented rehabilitation methods.

AiroMedical is the leading organizer of medical and rehabilitation services in Germany. We will select the best centre for you, where all types of equipment are available so our patients can recover quickly.