Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Allensbach

Allensbach, Germany
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Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Allensbach
Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Allensbach
Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Allensbach

About the hospital

Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Allensbach provides care to patients with neurological diseases of all types and severity. The clinic is located directly on Lake Constance with a beautiful view of the World Heritage-listed island of Reichenau. According to the principle "Never give up!" the treatment of patients at all stages of neurological rehabilitation is carried out from one source, which benefits both the success of the treatment and the patients.

Schmieder Centre is designed for 315 beds. The hospital offers comfortable rooms suitable for wheelchairs, with a balcony and a spacious bathroom. Most of the rooms face south, overlooking Lake Constance. Around 500 employees at the Allensbach site treat more than 3,500 patients annually.

The Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Allensbach combines more than 70 years of experience in neurological rehabilitation with innovative treatment methods. Specialists keep the complete treatment chain of neurological rehabilitation across all phases (A to D/E). The medical team use the latest diagnostics, such as a powerful 3 Tesla MRI, modern digital X-ray and a CT scanner. Experts from various disciplines work in an interdisciplinary manner to provide optimal diagnostics and therapy for each patient to secure. The rehabilitation clinic is also in demand among patients from abroad, which confirms the high level of medical care. Therefore, the clinic employs translators for a comfortable stay for patients from anywhere.

The clinic includes a department for intensive and emergency care and acute neurological diseases. Doctors successfully treat pathological conditions such as stroke, status epilepticus, Parkinson's disease, and traumatic brain injury. In addition, the clinic also houses the Department of Neurodiagnostics and Neuroradiology, the only one in the region. For all stages of neurological rehabilitation, the medical team selects an individually tailored treatment complex, including physiotherapy, speech therapy, psychological assistance and social services.

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Founded in 1974
3,500 patients
315 beds available
1 departments

Does the clinic specialize in the treatment of acute neurological diseases?

The Schmieder Clinic in Allensbach has had a department of acute neurology for many years. It constantly improves to cover the full spectrum of neurological emergencies and diseases. Neurological emergencies can be admitted to the hospital and quickly cleared up and treated in the ICU.

Can I receive treatment for Parkinson's disease at the medical centre?

Since April 2016, the Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Allensbach has offered patients with Parkinson's disease or atypical Parkinson's syndromes intensive medical, physiotherapy, occupational, speech therapy, neuropsychological and drug treatment for two to three weeks.

Why is Clinic Schmieder Allensbach suitable for epilepsy treatment and rehabilitation?

The medical team offers a unique diagnostic and therapeutic spectrum in the region. On the one hand, this is the possibility of EEG video monitoring, i.e. prolonged EEG derivation to clarify epilepsy or unclear convulsive phenomena. On the other hand, doctors offer the so-called complex treatment of epilepsy.

Doctor in Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Allensbach

About the city

Allensbach is a charming, beautiful commune located on Lake Constance in Germany. The city perfectly combines living traditions and living modernity. The town's population is just over 7,000 people, so this is an ideal place to relax from the bustle of the city.

The Allensbach area was a settlement area in prehistoric times. The site of the settlement of pile dwellings has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2011. Guests of the city can admire the impressive view from the shores of Lake Constance, and in the summer, they can also take a boat ride. Every year there are concerts of the "Jazz am See" series. A popular tourist attraction is the Allensbach Wildlife and Leisure Park.

The Institute for Dermoscopy Allensbach (also known as the Allensbach Institute), founded in 1947, is one of Germany's best-known public opinion research institutes. In addition, near Lake Constance, there is one of the specialised Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder, where patients with nervous system diseases of all types and severity are treated.

Many artists and writers come from the city of Allensbach, which confirms the delightful, inspiring landscapes. On the lake, vacationers can enjoy stand-up paddleboarding, canoeing, swimming, or relaxing at the beach resort. In the village square, travellers can taste the best ice cream in Germany and watch the incredible sunset.

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