Oncological Clinic Medias Burghausen

Burghausen, Germany
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Oncological Clinic Medias Burghausen
Oncological Clinic Medias Burghausen
Oncological Clinic Medias Burghausen

About the hospital

Oncological Clinic Medias Burghausen is a private clinic in Germany specializing in surgical oncology and immunotherapy, regional chemotherapy (RCT), and alternative oncological treatment. The clinic specialists use the most modern treatment methods to have the maximum impact on the tumor with minimal risk to the patient.

The clinic has 33 beds for inpatient treatment of cancer patients and the medical infrastructure necessary to care for seriously ill patients. With an average of 350 perfusions and more than 525 regional chemotherapy procedures each year, the hospital is the most frequently performed type of this type of procedure in the world.

The clinic is run by a leading german oncologist with 40 years of experience in the field of chemotherapy and is considered the pioneer of RCT worldwide. The Oncological Clinic Media's team of specialists has conducted numerous studies to improve chemotherapy and surgical treatment of tumors. Doctors continue to develop methods for regional chemotherapy, and patients who have received both therapies often report fewer side effects and a better quality of life with RCTs. Furthermore, as part of internal quality management, patients' opinions are captured and promptly evaluated during their stay in the clinic. In this way, the hospital receives valuable information for constantly assessing the quality of processes and treatment outcomes to improve medical services.

The medical team of oncologists at the hospital specializes in diagnosing and treating all malignant and benign tumors. Doctors use regional chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgical treatment, hyperthermia, immunotherapy, and pain therapy. The principal value of each hospital employee is the health of the patient. Additionally, the hospital employs a qualified team of psychologists ready to support patients or their relatives at any time.

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What cancer treatments does the clinic offer?

The сlinic uses innovative therapies such as regional chemotherapy, modern immunotherapy, electrochemotherapy, and hyperthermia. The goal of treatments is to reduce the size of the tumor, either to allow surgical removal or to increase the life expectancy of inoperable patients.

What is regional chemotherapy offered at Oncological Clinic Medias?

Regional chemotherapy is an innovative and gentle method of effective tumor control in cancer patients to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. The RCT is used in, among others, head and neck tumors, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, and pleural mesothelioma.

What is the advantage of molecular tumor diagnostics in the hospital?

Suppose it is possible to take a tumor sample with a small operation or needle biopsy. In that case, doctors can examine 320 genes to select all potential approved drugs and eligible clinical trials with new drugs. In addition, physicians determine tumor mutation burden (TMB) and microsatellite instability (MSI).

Doctors in Oncological Clinic Medias Burghausen

About the city

Burghausen is the most populous and fantastic city in the Upper Bavaria district of Altotting. The city is part of the Inn-Salzach tourist region. Burghausen is an important industrial center of the Bavarian Chemical Triangle and is known for its International Jazz Week.

Stretching on a hill between the Salzach River and Lake Wörsee, Burghausen Castle is an architectural masterpiece of the late Middle Ages. Its fortress wall is the longest in Europe. In the spring, thousands of guests gather in the castle for one of the largest jazz festivals in the world. Jazz music sounds in the squares and streets of Burghausen, which is why the city is often called Bavarian New Orleans. All major Bavarian delicacies are served in Burghausen. Trendy is lake fish in a salt crust and maties - lightly salted fillet of young herring.

Thanks to the rapid growth of the new city in the course of industrialization, the old town has been preserved in urban unity. The colorful townhouses in the typical Inn-Salzach style are notable for their gabled walls and richly decorated façades. The city has a well-known medical center for the treatment of cancer patients. Oncological Clinic Medias has more than 40 years of experience in chemotherapy and surgical treatment, attracting many patients from all over Germany.

A beautiful view of the castle opens from Lake Worsee. People come here from all over Bavaria. In the summer, travelers swim, and in the winter, they play curling and ice skating. By Christmas, the shores of the lake are always decorated with wooden lamps. Therefore, in winter, the best time for a walk along the lake is in the evening, when the lamps are lit and the atmosphere is genuinely fabulous. However, the longest castle in Europe and everything next to it will amaze the imagination at any time of the year.

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