DRK Hospital Altenkirchen

Altenkirchen, Germany
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DRK Hospital Altenkirchen
DRK Hospital Altenkirchen
DRK Hospital Altenkirchen

About the hospital

DRK Hospital Altenkirchen is a highly specialized medical facility providing optimal patient care for over 100 years. An experienced team of specialists offers patients effective and professional treatment. The care methods used at the Altenkirchen hospital align with the latest knowledge and medical standards. To always maintain the quality of service at the highest level, work is carried out following international protocols.

With over 5,500 inpatients and 12,000 outpatients per year, the service area of ​​the DRK hospital extends far beyond the Altenkirchen region. Approximately 350 qualified employees from various professional groups provide optimal patient care. The hospital has 170 beds, six departments and three functional areas. In addition, the medical team performs over 1,500 outpatient surgical procedures per year.

Highly qualified doctors pay special attention to the accurate and reliable diagnosis of the underlying disease using innovative technologies. That is why the hospital is equipped with its laboratory and X-ray department. In addition, the hospital dialysis unit performs any inpatient dialysis treatments. Since 2004, the hospital has been operating an outpatient surgery department, where patients can undergo outpatient treatment and be discharged home during the day. Since 2011, the hospital has had a certified Pain Center where doctors use multimodal pain therapy - a combination of medication, physical therapy, exercise, relaxation and psychological support. DRK Hospital has successfully implemented and operates a quality management system and has been awarded the quality label "Hospital Management".

The hospital focuses on general and abdominal surgery, traumatology and hand surgery, urology, internal medicine and pain therapy. The priority direction of the hospital is also the physiotherapy centre, which offers a variety of rehabilitation and preventive programs in modern and specially equipped rooms. For the medical team, the most important thing is the patient health, so care and support always come first.

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Founded in 1895
17,500 patients
170 beds available
N/A departments

Does the clinic perform prostate enucleation using a laser?

A new minimally traumatic laser device is available for one of the most common urological interventions, the so-called enucleation of the prostate. А holmium laser doesn't require an abdominal incision, and the enlarged prostate is gently removed from the inside through the urethra. 

What treatment options for chronic pain does DRK Hospital Altenkirchen offer?

Chronic pain treatment combines various components, including medications and local therapeutic anaesthesia, ultrasound-guided spinal injections, neurotherapy, transcutaneous nerve stimulation, acupuncture, shock waves, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

Is minimally invasive surgery practised in the clinic?

One of the directions of the department of surgery is keyhole surgery. The operation is performed through several holes in the abdominal wall with a diameter of 5-12 mm. The overview of the operating field is provided by a high-resolution camera using a screen.

Does the clinic treat the psychological problems of children and adolescents?

The hospital treats numerous childhood psychological disorders, including attention deficiency, emotional and depressive disorders. In addition, thanks to the multidisciplinary team, doctors also offer effective speech therapy and solutions for urinary incontinence.

About the city

The cosy picturesque town of Altenkirchen is located in Rhineland-Palatinate. The city is situated at the confluence of the rivers Erbach and Wied, which flow directly south of the city centre. The first mention of Altenkirchen dates back to 1131.

The town's main attractions are the Krottorf castle and the old church of Altenkirchen, where the so-called Svantevitsky stone is located. The city is famous for its privileged pharmacy - one of the few historical sites that survived the destruction of Altenkirchen. The pharmacy is one of the oldest and most traditional in Westerwald. There are several restored half-timbered houses or house facades from the Gründerzeit era on the market square. A fountain and stepped seats were created in the centre of the square when the city centre was rebuilt into a pedestrian zone in the 1970s.

Altenkirchen hosts an international tennis tournament every year. Altenkirchen has held the title of fair trade city since 2015 and was one of 382 cities in Germany that had it at the time of the award. The town has a large number of headquarters, including the production of paper, accessories for electrical installations and tanks for transportation. Alterkircher is also home to one of the locations of the DRK Hospital Altenkirchen-Hachenburg. The medical centre is a leader in the region, especially in traumatology and pain therapy.

The city enchants tourists with its beautiful green scenery and relaxed atmosphere. Alterkirchnen is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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