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Find the best urology hospitals in Germany

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How to choose a cancer hospital for treatment in Germany?

How to choose a cancer hospital for treatment in Germany?

When choosing such an institution, consider several factors to guarantee you receive the most appropriate cancer care. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Details to check before your cancer center choice

<dl>Oncological expertise. Look for a hospital specialized in treating a particular cancer type. For example, to treat breast cancer, look for a hospital with a certified German breast cancer center.

Collaboration and affiliation. As a rule, the interdisciplinary team provides cancer cures in Germany. Looking for a hospital with specialist groups that work together to provide comprehensive care is always a good idea. Many universities and academic hospitals in Germany are excellent choices due to the extensive knowledge exchange with leading universities.

Research activity. If you're interested in participating in clinical trials of new cancer treatments, look for a hospital with an active oncology research program. They usually are involved in clinical trials. Some centers offer limited treatment options that must be made available nationwide.

Technology and latest cancer treatment options. Look for a German hospital with the latest medical techs for cancer treatment in Germany, such as state-of-the-art imaging equipment, radiation therapy machines, and surgical tools. Unique center therapies in Germany, like transarterial chemoembolization, Lutetium 177 therapy, radioembolization, and proton beams, are options that you might need for better outcomes.

Surgical, radiological, and therapeutic options are in one place. Having all these services under one roof simplifies care coordination, reduces travel and waiting time, and enhances communication between your oncology team. These lead to a smoother, more efficient cancer treatment experience at the oncology clinic or hospital.

Focus and German certification. Consider whether the hospital’s patient-centered care strategy focuses on involving patients in health decisions and giving them emotional and mental support. It’s a part of cancer treatment in Germany. The clinic should be certified by the German Cancer Society (DKG).

Asses to the latest cell and immunotherapies. These innovative treatments, including dendritic cancer vaccines developed in Germany and CAR T-cell therapy, have shown significant promise in treating specific cancer forms. Each oncology hospital that offers these therapies is at the forefront of cancer treatment.

Accessibility and location. Consider where the oncology hospital is, compare it to your needs, and think how easy it will be to get cancer treatments there. Some clinics have quicker appointments available than others.

Reputation. Look for an oncology hospital with a good name and a high success rate when treating cancer patients. You can also ask your provider for suggestions and talk to others with cancer or organizations that help them. Checking for reviews on the AiroMedical clinic and doctors' profiles can be helpful.

Cancer treatment price. If you're an international patient who goes through cancer therapy abroad, look for an oncology hospital that explains the cost of treatment in Germany. Make sure all tech details are mentioned in your quote.</dl>

It is essential to add that it is also worth having a second opinion from another expert doctor in the oncology field. We can help with all of the issues listed above.


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Questions people ask the most

What are the best urology hospitals in Germany?

<a href="/hospitals/university-hospital-charite-berlin">University Hospital Charite Berlin</a> - AiroScore 10.00, <a href="/hospitals/university-hospital-rechts-der-isar-of-the-technical-university-munich">University Hospital Rechts der Isar Munich</a> - AiroScore 9.90, <a href="/hospitals/university-hospital-frankfurt-am-main">University Hospital Frankfurt am Main</a> - AiroScore 9.90, <a href="/hospitals/beta-clinic-bonn">Beta Clinic Bonn</a> - AiroScore 9.90, and <a href="/hospitals/helios-hospital-berlin-buch">Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch</a> - AiroScore 9.90 are the most rated urology clinics in Germany.

What are the most reviewed urology clinics in Germany?

<a href="/hospitals/university-hospital-hamburg-eppendorf-uke">University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf</a> - 1,636 reviews, <a href="/hospitals/vivantes-hospital-berlin-friedrichshain">Vivantes Hospital Berlin-Friedrichshain</a> - 1,286 reviews, <a href="/hospitals/university-hospital-rechts-der-isar-of-the-technical-university-munich">University Hospital Rechts der Isar Munich</a> - 1,162 reviews, <a href="/hospitals/hannover-medical-school-hospital-mhh">Hannover Medical School Hospital</a> - 1,148 reviews, and <a href="/hospitals/vivantes-hospital-berlin-neukolln">Vivantes Hospital Berlin-Neukolln</a> - 1,143 reviews are urology centers in Germany with a significant number of patient feedbacks.

Which urology clinics in Germany have the maximum certifications and awards?

<a href="/hospitals/university-hospital-schleswig-holstein-kiel-uksh">University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein Kiel</a> - 86 certificates, <a href="/hospitals/university-hospital-schleswig-holstein-lubeck-uksh">University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein Lubeck</a> - 86 certificates, <a href="/hospitals/university-hospital-essen">University Hospital Essen</a> - 57 certificates, <a href="/hospitals/university-hospital-charite-berlin">University Hospital Charite Berlin</a> - 57 certificates, and <a href="/hospitals/university-hospital-jena-ukj">University Hospital Jena</a> - 51 certificates are the most certified urology hospitals in Germany.

What urology centers in Germany offer affordable service?

<a href="/hospitals/academic-hospital-drk-berlin-westend">Academic Hospital DRK Berlin-Westend</a>, <a href="/hospitals/academic-hospital-bundeswehr-berlin">Academic Hospital Bundeswehr Berlin</a>, and <a href="/hospitals/regio-hospital-elmshorn">Regio Hospital Elmshorn</a> are urology hospitals in Germany with a low-cost service.

What is a list of high-end urology clinics in Germany that fall under the luxury price range?

<a href="/hospitals/university-hospital-charite-berlin">University Hospital Charite Berlin</a>, <a href="/hospitals/university-hospital-tubingen">University Hospital Tubingen</a>, and <a href="/hospitals/university-hospital-ulm-uku">University Hospital Ulm</a> are urology hospitals in Germany with a premium service.

What urology hospitals in Germany offer distant consultations?

<a href="/hospitals/university-hospital-frankfurt-am-main">University Hospital Frankfurt am Main</a>, <a href="/hospitals/beta-clinic-bonn">Beta Clinic Bonn</a>, <a href="/hospitals/helios-hospital-berlin-buch">Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch</a>, <a href="/hospitals/university-hospital-otto-von-guericke-magdeburg">University Hospital Otto-von-Guericke Magdeburg</a>, and <a href="/hospitals/urological-clinic-munich-planegg">Urological Clinic Munich-Planegg</a> consult patients online.

What urology clinics in Germany can offer fast meetings?

<a href="/hospitals/beta-clinic-bonn">Beta Clinic Bonn</a>, <a href="/hospitals/helios-hospital-berlin-buch">Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch</a>, <a href="/hospitals/vivantes-hospital-berlin-friedrichshain">Vivantes Hospital Berlin-Friedrichshain</a>, <a href="/hospitals/atos-orthopedic-clinic-fleetinsel-hamburg">ATOS Orthopedic Clinic Fleetinsel Hamburg</a>, and <a href="/hospitals/vivantes-hospital-berlin-neukolln">Vivantes Hospital Berlin-Neukolln</a> offer fast patient admission.

Which urology facilities in Germany have images & movies on their profiles?

<a href="/hospitals/beta-clinic-bonn">Beta Clinic Bonn</a> - 99 photos & 114 videos, <a href="/hospitals/university-hospital-heidelberg-ukhd">University Hospital Heidelberg</a> - 42 photos & 107 videos, <a href="/hospitals/university-hospital-frankfurt-am-main">University Hospital Frankfurt am Main</a> - 116 photos & 26 videos, <a href="/hospitals/university-hospital-rechts-der-isar-of-the-technical-university-munich">University Hospital Rechts der Isar Munich</a> - 99 photos & 41 videos, and <a href="/hospitals/helios-hospital-berlin-buch">Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch</a> - 57 photos & 75 videos are urology clinics in Germany with a vast media gallery.

How to get an appointment?

<a href="#found-hospitals">521</a> urology clinics are available in Germany. Select one and click on the clinic card to start a communication. <a data-link="true" href="/">AiroMedical</a> is ready to help 24/7.