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Krefeld, Germany
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Helios Hospital Krefeld
Helios Hospital Krefeld
Helios Hospital Krefeld

About the hospital

Helios Hospital Krefeld is a modern highly-specialized medical institution that offers patients almost the entire range of medical services. Helios Healthcare Group is one of Germany's and Europe's most innovative hospital operators. The medical team provides patients worldwide with proven first-class medical care and individual and modern care.

The clinic employs 450 experienced doctors and 670 nurses. The entire medical staff treats more than 50,000 inpatients and 60,000 outpatients. For inpatient treatment, the clinic is designed for 1,193 beds. In addition, the clinic has 25 departments that constantly cooperate to provide quality medical services.

According to Focus magazine, which annually compiles a list of the best clinics in Germany, the Helios Clinic is among the best. The doctors cover almost all specialties and subspecialties. The clinic serves many people, giving doctors a lot of experience treating your disease. Medical staff uses the latest diagnostic and treatment equipment, from the highest resolution imaging devices to robotic surgery. Up to 97% of operations are performed by laparoscopic or robotic surgery. The cardiology center of the clinic is recognized as an expert in cardiology and cardiac surgery. The clinic has four state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization laboratories that treat all forms of cardiac arrhythmia. In addition to the patient care offered by the Helios Clinic in Krefeld, there are currently around 300 training places available, making the Helios Clinic one of the largest training centers on the Lower Rhine.

The Helios Clinic in Krefeld is one of the most modern medical institutions. It provides customized treatment solutions focusing on oncology, cardiology, urology, ophthalmology, internal medicine, and other complex treatment diseases. The clinic offers treatment for both adults and children. The clinic's mission is to integrate new treatment approaches into patient care continually. As a result, patients are often among the first to benefit from innovative treatments and the latest research.

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Founded in 1848
110,000 patients
1,193 beds available
25 departments

Why is Helios Hospital Krefeld the best for aortic valve reconstruction?

The cardiology center of the clinic is recognized as an expert thanks to four modern heart catheterization laboratories and the team cardiovascular surgery. Doctors perform the full spectrum of aortic valve reconstruction, including Jakub remodeling and David reimplantation.

What kind of treatment can I get at the hospital?

The Helios Clinic in Krefeld is one of the most modern medical centers. The hospital provides individual solutions for treating oncology, cardiology, urology, ophthalmology, internal medicine, and other complex diseases. Up to 97% of operations are performed using minimally-invasive surgery.

Does the clinic have an oncology center?

In addition to general therapy and surgery, the clinic operates skin, lung, breast, and neuro-oncology oncology centers. In addition to oncological safety, great attention is paid to achieving good cosmetic results thanks to targeted oncoplastic.

Can I be treated at the medical center during pregnancy?

With the mother center and children's department, Helios Hospital Krefeld offers pregnancy management and active treatment of pregnancy diseases, breastfeeding training, and medicine for newborns if necessary. In addition, the hospital has narrow-profile specialized pediatric departments.

Doctors in Helios Hospital Krefeld

About the city

Krefeld is an ancient city with a long history located near Dusseldorf. The first mention of the town dates back to 1105. Today, Krefeld is known for its handicraft production, medicine steel, and machinery manufacturing.

Krefeld is a city of factories, brocade, velvet, and silk. In the 18th century, all the German nobility dressed here. The town is famous for its the world's largest outdoor fashion show. Tourists often call Krefeld a collection of three municipalities, as three stylistically different districts intertwined here - Krefeld, Lynn, and Uerdingen. Krefeld has many Romanesque and Gothic churches. Such sights as the Art Museum, the Museum of Winemaking, and the castle "Burg Linn" will not leave the most fastidious tourist indifferent.

The city was the birthplace of Charlotte Auerbach, known for her discovery of chemical mutagenesis and her numerous scientific publications in genetics. More than 20,000 students are pursuing higher education in Krefeld. The city has a strong healthcare industry, presented by Helios Hospital Krefeld. Also, one of the Radiotherapy and Gamma Knife Center branches is located in Krefeld. The center is equipped with modern devices - Perfexion Gamma Knife and Axesse Linear Accelerator, for radiation treatment of oncological diseases.

Krefeld offers tourists parks, shops, squares, ponds, and sports grounds. Visitors can ride on an old Schluff steam locomotive and visit the hippodrome and the zoo. For outdoor enthusiasts, there is a sports park in the city. In addition, Krefeld will enchant visitors with its traditional cuisine, rich history, and vibrant textile industry.

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