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Academic Hospital Solingen

Solingen, Germany
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Academic Hospital Solingen
Academic Hospital Solingen
Academic Hospital Solingen

About the hospital

According to the authoritative Focus magazine, Academic Hospital Solingen is a multidisciplinary medical institution among the country's best hospitals. The Solingen Hospital operates at the University of Cologne, which gives it the special status of a university or academic hospital. The Hospital Solingen has unique access to the latest scientific research conducted at the university. Reception at the center is led by recognized specialists and doctors worldwide who constantly improve their skills. The medical team guarantees an individual approach to each patient and achieves excellent results even when treating seriously ill patients.

During the year, the clinic accepts about 40,000 outpatients and 28,000 inpatients for treatment and diagnosis. The hospital has 716 beds. Today, the clinic annually performs more than 14 thousand operations. Hospital Solingen consists of 17 departments and eight interdisciplinary centers. The Academic Hospital Solingen has 1,900 employees. All clinic doctors are recognized in Germany and abroad. Patients can expect excellent hospital service and wholesome food during their hospital stay.

The Solingen Clinic participates in the World Health Organization and the European Union projects. As an academic hospital, Solingen is always open to innovative medical developments, including promoting education and training and total quality management. All departments of the hospital are equipped with high-precision equipment. There are new-generation devices for colonoscopy, mammography, ultrasound, MRI of the intestine, and fibroscopy. Of the non-invasive methods, hospital doctors most often use ECG (including stress tests), complex echocardiography, etc.

Academic Hospital Solingen specializes in cancer treatment, neurosurgery, gastroenterology, cardiology, and orthopedics. The hospital has received a certificate of compliance with the German Cancer Society criteria as the best cancer clinic in Germany. Doctors use sparing minimally invasive procedures to quickly recover the patient and avoid the risks associated with extensive surgical interventions. At all stages of treatment, patients are accompanied by nursing staff who are ready to support the patient at any moment.

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Founded in 1863
68,000 patients
716 beds available
16 departments

Is the hospital has a high success rate for spine surgery?

Wear-related, inflammatory or neoplastic spine changes are successfully treated with microsurgical treatment with neuromonitoring and multimodal pain management. The comprehensive minimally traumatic treatment provides high efficiency compared to average indicators.

What is the treatment range of the hospital?

The medical center offers modern techniques in neurosurgery, spine surgery, orthopedics, and traumatology, as well as an effective treatment of heart and vascular diseases and gastrointestinal tract conditions. In addition, the hospital is famous for innovative organ-sparing cancer treatments.

Did the clinic treat any famous people?

Thanks to the impeccable reputation and excellent service, many celebrities turn to the specialists of the neurosurgery department, for example, the well-known actor George Clooney. In addition, innovative treatment methods and technology satisfy the needs of the most demanding patients.

Is orthopedic treatment available at Academic Hospital Solingen?

A certified, nationally recognized endoprosthetic center provides the highest level of medical care and offers joint replacement with only quality implants guaranteed to last for more than ten years. Doctors also use arthroscopy techniques to treat injuries with increased efficiency.

Doctors in Academic Hospital Solingen

About the city

Solingen is an exciting city in western Germany in the North Rhine-Westphalia region, about thirty-five minutes from Dusseldorf. The city has been known for its craftsmanship in blade making for centuries and has been dubbed the "City of Blades". Highly skilled knife and sword makers have perfected their skills over the centuries and united in powerful companies and guilds.

Solingen is famous for its Schlossberg castle, which many tourists visit. Another favorite place in the city is the Klink Path. This route runs through the famous German Highlands. The sights of the town are associated with the production of knives. Guests of the city can visit a museum dedicated to the show and history of German blades. The museum is located in the beautiful area of ​​Grafat and offers many exhibitions and demonstrations. Solingen also has a magnificent and well-maintained blade-sharpening cottage situated on a picturesque river. The water wheel on the river still drives the grinding and polishing wheels.

In Solinger, knives and blades have been produced for quite a long time, which will be a good gift for friends and relatives. The brand offers products identical to the city's name, adding to the demand for this place. The town has several sports teams, including American football, baseball, and handball. Solingen is famous for its chess club, which is the most successful in the history of German chess. Academic Hospital Solingen is a medical institution that cooperates with the University of Cologne. The hospital is one of the leading medical centers in the country.

Many places in Solingen will introduce guests to charming natural attractions - bizarre rocks and natural viewing platforms. The city entertains every taste without leaving visitors indifferent.

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