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Best Oncologists in Germany


The most valuable word for every person diagnosed with cancer is "recovery." Over the past decades, oncology has grown exponentially. And cancer is no longer considered incurable. However, treatment is often complex, and there are not always simple solutions. In addition, advanced oncology standards require a modern clinic with advanced equipment (diagnostic and therapeutic) and the best oncologists.

Unfortunately, not all patients have access to advanced medicine at home. In this case, cancer treatment abroad, for example, in Germany, becomes the way out.

AiroMedical specialists understand all the problems in cancer treatment. So today, we want to share information about the best oncologists in Germany based on the successful cases of our patients over the years.

Cancer treatment in Germany

All opinions agree on one thing: early diagnosis makes it possible to achieve recovery in most cases. Cooperation between science, research, and hospitals has provided Germany with one of the highest healthcare standards in the world. About 20.000 cancer patients worldwide are treated there yearly. At the same time, the percentage of medical errors is one of the lowest in Europe.

One of the essential points is the choice of hospital. Given the various centers, it is worth paying attention to our review of the best oncology clinics in Germany.

Germany takes an active part in the research work. German clinics exchange experience with the best centers in the world, train foreign doctors, send their own for internships, and conduct clinical trials. As a result, all innovations are quickly introduced into everyday practice. Thus, patients of German clinics have the opportunity to receive the most advanced treatment that modern medicine can offer.

Oncological therapy in Germany is carried out comprehensively under the guidance of several specialists at once. Their efforts are aimed at one goal – the patient's recovery.

In Germany, the focus is on organ preservation. For example, we are talking about the removal and reconstruction of the breast. Or removal and plastic surgery of the esophagus, larynx, trachea, etc. In all possible cases, preference is given to minimally invasive surgery. Surgical robotics ensures high precision of manipulations, avoiding injury to nerves, large vessels, and nearby organs.

In more advanced cases, the advantage of oncology in Germany is the interaction of doctors of various specialties. The best oncologists use all modern types of therapy, including the latest targeted drugs, radiation, chemotherapy, and palliative measures. Therefore, the chances of prolonging life and maintaining its quality even in the late stages of cancer are much higher here. Cancer is a complex disease, so the best specialist should treat both body and soul.

The therapeutic arsenal of the best oncologists

There are many treatment options in Germany. Cancer doctors use effective methods of diagnosis and treatment that allow timely detection of the tumor and eliminate it.

The main stages of treatment:

  • Preliminary stage. It includes complete diagnostics, laboratory, and histological studies. In addition, the latest discoveries in nuclear medicine are used for tumor localization: computer, magnetic resonance, and positron emission tomography.
  • Primary stage - includes surgery to remove the tumor and preserve or restore the function of the operated organ. It may also include a course of radiation and chemotherapy.
  • Postoperative period - includes therapy to restore the functioning of the operated organ. For example, enzyme drugs improve the digestive tract's function, etc.

The best oncologists use a whole arsenal of techniques in the treatment process. The main ones in Germany are surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Often these methods are combined. In addition, new ways are constantly being developed. German hospitals have many targeted approaches: Lutetium 177 treatment, dendritic cell cancer vaccine, and immunotherapy.

Much attention is paid to the patient's psychological state, comfort, and treatment tolerability. Symptomatic therapy in parallel with primary treatment can eliminate chemo and radiation therapy's side effects (nausea and vomiting), pain, sleep disorders, etc.

Top 5 famous oncologists in Germany

Are you looking for an experienced oncologist in Germany? With AiroMedical, you will find trusted doctors. Our rating is based on experience, innovative methods of treatment, and the reputation of research work.

Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Keilholz

He is the director of the comprehensive cancer center at Charite University Hospital Berlin, one of the best oncologists in Germany, and a recognized expert in personalized cancer therapy. The professor specializes in individual therapy of melanoma (skin cancer). His thirty years of medical experience consists in developing and conducting clinical trials.

Dr. med. Florian Bassermann

The hematology and oncology department director at the University Hospital Rechts der Isar in Munich. He is a specialist in oncology and oncohematology and has conducted many studies with more than 15 years of experience. Under the professor's guidance, the department uses the latest medical technologies. In addition, it regularly updates medical recommendations for treating various types of cancer in the blood and lymphatic system.

PD. Dr. med. Peter Reichardt

He is an oncologist in the department of oncology with sarcoma and palliative care at Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch, with more than 35 years of experience. His experience includes the treatment of sarcomas of soft tissues, bones, gastrointestinal tract, skin cancer, and neuroendocrine tumors. He is a member of many scientific councils in Germany. As a researcher, the doctor has presented more than 900 papers at national and international scientific congresses and conferences. As a scientific expert, he was invited to publish in specialized medical journals in Germany and abroad.

Prof. Dr. med. Elke Jager

She is a hematologist-oncologist and head of the oncology department at the Academic Hospital zum Heiligen Geist Frankfurt-am-Main. He has more than 35 years of medical experience saving patients' lives. According to the prestigious FOCUS magazine, he is one of the best specialists in treating leukemia, lymphoma, and metastases. The doctor is especially interested in treating blood cancer (leukemia).

Prof. Dr. med. Michael von Bergvelt

He is a highly qualified oncologist with 12 years of experience treating tumors and sarcomas. The professor heads the department of oncology at the Ludwig-Maximilian University Hospital Munich. He is particularly interested in treating acute leukemia, lymphoma, carcinoma, and sarcoma patients. The device uses an innovative method of hyperthermia, the effectiveness of which is recognized worldwide. In addition, the institution has two modern departments for bone marrow transplantation.

How to choose the right oncologist?

A cancer diagnosis can be unexpected and overwhelming. Use the advice of the AiroMedical team to be informed when choosing a treatment strategy. Choosing the best oncologists is an important decision.

It is helpful to get advice from several doctors to determine if another oncologist supports your doctor's recommendations. It also expands the understanding of the disease and the available treatments. If necessary, ask for a second opinion to consider alternative treatment options.

You can get information about the doctor's authority, experience, specialization, and education. Questions about the number of patients with your type of cancer will be very relevant. For choosing a surgeon, the determining factor will be information about the number of operations performed per year and the presence of complications or mortality.

Give preference to the best oncologists working in a large cancer center. Large medical clinics can offer a comprehensive examination and various treatment options. However, the choice of the doctor is always up to the patient.

Advantages of German cancer doctors

Some things distinguish German best oncologists from their foreign colleagues.

  • High-quality care. The expression "German quality" is not just a word. You can be sure that all medical personnel strictly adhere to treatment protocols.
  • The first-class level of medical care. This country's medical system aims to provide patients with the best medical care. As a result, the patient will not have to worry. Modern equipment and medicines available to the doctor will be used.
  • Honesty. Germany has strict laws against corruption and integrity in the healthcare system. Therefore, patients in Germany can be sure that they will be treated honestly, openly, and respectfully.
  • Awareness. Best oncologists will ask detailed questions about the patient's medical history and diagnosis at home. They should receive updated medical documents and reports. That is necessary to provide the most appropriate treatment.
  • Sincerity. In Germany, the best oncologists are required to explain in detail to patients what treatment they will receive. Before undergoing therapy, the patient must sign a consent form and be able to ask questions that doctors will answer in great detail.
  • Efficiency. The goal is to provide patients with timely and adequate treatment.

How to get a consultation with the best oncologists?

One of the significant problems for patients is the time to study treatment centers and get a second opinion. In addition, a treatment that sounds great on the Internet may not suit you. The AiroMedical team is ready to help you navigate and find the best oncologists who meet all your needs. Leading specialists join the fight for the health of patients every day.

It only takes a few steps:

  • Fill out the contact form.
  • Wait for a call (or a letter, if you have chosen this type of communication) from the medical coordinator, and tell the problem to him.
  • Send us your medical documents.
  • Conduct a preliminary consultation with a doctor specializing in this disease.

After that, we will send you treatment programs from German cancer centers. After that, you only have to choose what will optimally meet your requirements. Then, the medical coordinator will provide detailed information about the next steps.

Do you want to know who the best oncologists are? Or do you need a second opinion or online consultations with famous experts?

We provide high-quality medical care that is accessible to everyone, personalized, and based on cutting-edge research. Suppose you entrust diagnosis and treatment to doctors in Germany. Cancer treatment in Germany guarantees that the best oncologists, included in the rating of the best specialists, will take care of you. All doctors and medical staff efforts combined with the latest, advanced technologies and treatment tactics will be directed to your recovery. You can be sure they will carry out conscientious, complex, and detailed work to help you return to a healthy life!

Do you need the best oncologist? Then we will help you find it!


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