Lu-177 for prostate cancer in Europe


Compared to standard treatment

Treatment of prostate cancer with Lutetium radionuclide is one of the most effective ways to overcome prostate cancer metastases and prevent relapses. Doctors resort to this method when traditional chemotherapy and radiotherapy do not give results.

The effectiveness of Lu-177 compared to other methods can be explained by the following factors:

  • The drug enters the systemic bloodstream and affects only prostate cancer cells with a specific protein, PSMA-617.
  • Targeted method damages cells with beta radiation (it is stronger than chemicals or X-rays).
  • This therapy does not affect healthy cells and therefore does not cause serious side effects and does not require long-term recovery after the procedure.

Why is Lutetium so effective?

Why is Lutetium so effective?Men with prostate cancer who have undergone radical prostatectomy or primary radiation therapy but are showing symptoms of metastatic recurrence may find it a viable treatment option. The medicine has proven effective in reducing the size of tumours, as well as in stopping disease progression. Lutetium-177 is a unique targeted treatment for prostate cancer.

The main advantage is the ability to find and kill prostate cancer cells throughout the body with the help of radiation. At the same time, healthy cells and tissues are not exposed to the harmful effects. In addition, the treatment has resulted in long-term remission in many patients.

Check if you are eligible for the procedure

Treatment with Lu-177 is approved for patients with advanced metastatic prostate cancer or metastatic prostate cancer that is castration-resistant (mCRPC). In addition, males with metastatic prostate cancer who already underwent hormone therapy and chemotherapy (chemical castration) may be eligible for this treatment.

But not every person with advanced prostate cancer is a candidate for this therapy. Therefore, the doctors will perform blood tests and a PSMA-PET scan to confirm that patients' cancer cells carry enough PSMA proteins required for the treatment.

Leading countries for nuclear medicine

Such methods are unavailable in most countries due to their recent introduction into medical practice. That is why only a small number of clinics can provide high-quality and safe therapy.

Germany and Spain are leading countries where this progressive prostate cancer treatment method is most developed. There are reasonable benefits why patients choose Europe:

  • Standards for the safe and high-quality use of radioactive substances;
  • Leading pharmaceutical companies that produce Lutetium drug;
  • Availability of modern therapeutic techniques based on clinical trials;
  • The doctors have extensive experience in the effective treatment of metastatic stages of prostate cancer;
  • Departments of nuclear medicine in European clinics provide high-precision clinical trials;
  • The cost of Lu-177 is significantly lower than in clinics in the USA or Canada.

Best centres offering Lutetium

Best centres offering LutetiumHelios Hospital Berlin-Buch is one of the leading German clinics with the biggest departments of nuclear medicine in Europe. Specialists cooperate with the Prostate Centre to provide the highest level of prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. The statistics show excellent results in using nuclear approaches in metastatic stages. The main advantages of Helios hospital also include:

  • System of safe manufacturing, preservation and use of radioactive drugs;
  • High-class doctors with many years of experience in the field of radionuclide medicine;
  • Comfortable stay of each patient during the entire course of treatment.

Best centres offering LutetiumUniversity Hospital Rechts der Isar of the Technical University Munich is the university hospital in the heart of Munich, Germany. It is a leading European hospital for oncology treatment:

Best centres offering LutetiumUniversity Hospital Marburg (UKGM) is one of Germany's most significant academic hospitals, with two sites, Giessen and Marburg. The Radiotherapy centre of the clinic meets the strict requirements of the German Society for Radiation Oncology (DEGRO). The Nuclear medicine department offers unique prostate cancer treatment methods. Such therapy is faster and less harmful to the patient. So, after undergoing therapy at the University Hospital Marburg, patients are less frequently diagnosed with dry mouth and stomach diseases. Physicians and medical staff work on the remaining protocols to do everything to reduce the side effects of therapy.

Best centres offering LutetiumTeknon Medical Center Barcelona is a world-famous clinic in Barcelona, ​​Spain. World-class doctors treat famous stars, football players and politicians here. The patients highlight the following main advantages of the Department of radiation oncology:

  • Experienced doctors and trained staff provide continuous care for each patient;
  • Nuclear medicine treatment, including Lu-177, is performed strictly with the oncological institute to achieve the best results and combine approaches for cancer patients;
  • The hospital is designed according to US standards and has advanced modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment.

TOP nuclear medicine doctors

Patients from all over the world choose prostate cancer treatment from leading European doctors for their experience, professionalism and results:

Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Dresel - is a chief physician of the Department of Radiation Medicine in Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch. He has 30 years of experience and has been the head of the radiology/radiation therapy/nuclear medicine specialist group since 2008. The main treatment priorities of doctor Stefan include:

  • Diagnosis and therapy of benign and malignant thyroid diseases;
  • PET/CT diagnostics with F-18 FDG, Ga-68 PSMA and Ga-68 Dotatoc;
  • Radioreceptor therapy of neuroendocrine tumours with Lu-177 Dototoc;
  • Treatment of metastatic prostate carcinoma with Lu-177 PSMA;
  • Therapy of liver tumours and liver metastases using selective internal radiotherapy (SIRT).

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Weber is a practising oncologist in the University Hospital Rechts der Isar of the Technical University Munich with more than 20 years of experience. Wolfgang Weber has been Director of the Clinic for nuclear medicine at the Rechts der Isar Clinic since 2018. He specialises in the field of molecular imaging and targeted radionuclide therapy. In addition, his research focuses on the combined imaging and treatment of cancer, including prostate cancer in men.

Prof. Dr. med. Markus Luster is a chairman of the Department of nuclear medicine at University Hospital Marburg (UKGM). Markus Luster is a member of the German Society of Nuclear Medicine and the European Association of Nuclear Medicine. Prof. Luster is a part of multiple clinical trials in endocrinology and paediatric oncology, including several multicentric, international trials in differentiated thyroid carcinoma. The professor also treats patients with prostate cancer metastases with radionuclides and shows high results in male survival and absence of recurrence.

How much is the procedure cost in Europe

The cost for prostate cancer treatment with Lu-177 in Europe depends on different factors, such as preliminary examination, follow-up examinations, hospitalisation, the number of prescribed sessions, and needs in PET-CT scan. In various clinics in Germany and Spain, the average price for the procedure varies within the range of 9,900 - 22,500 .

How to get treatment abroad

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  • Analysis of the patient's situation by practising doctors;
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  • Selection of the clinic;
  • Booking tickets;
  • Meeting and transfer to the clinic;
  • Translator;
  • Obtaining medical care;
  • Insurance;
  • Return home.

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Therefore, all that depends on you in solving the issue of prostate cancer treatment in Europe is to leave a request or call our manager.