Department of urology with prostate cancer centre

The department of urology at Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch is a leading centre in Germany and internationally. As one of the largest cystectomy centres in Germany, the department is among the top 20 clinics with the highest number of cases. The AOK 2021 awarded the local team the maximum number of points for operations on benign prostate enlargement. As the department introduced the Rezum procedure for prostate enlargement, it is Germany's most experienced clinic with proven expertise in this technique. The department is certified as the Continence Center and a Second Opinion Center for testicular tumours. The interdisciplinary cooperation of the medical departments in the hospital, in the interdisciplinary testicular cancer centre, the prostate centre, and the Berlin-Buch tumour centre ensures competent advice as well as optimal diagnostics and treatment for all urological tumour diseases such as prostate carcinoma, kidney, bladder, testicle and penis tumours. The local team uses the DaVinci procedure for oncological diseases in urology.

Treatment and diagnostic spectrum include robot-assisted surgery, full coverage of urological cancer treatment options, and endourology - the minimally-invasive, modern surgical procedure. In addition, all kinds of urinary tract conditions can be treated at the department.

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