Department of nuclear medicine

The department of nuclear medicine at Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch specializes in applying radioactive substances to various conditions. The nuclear medicine staff treats and examines more than 1,500 patients annually. The ward has 10 rooms that are friendly and modern. The health insurance companies fully approve the therapeutic procedures performed at the department for to use of radioactive substances and nuclear medicine therapies. Modern technologies are implemented by a team of professionals, such as DOTATATE therapy, Lu-177 PSMA, SPECT diagnostics, and Positron Emission Tomography. The department has over 60 years of experience using radioactive substances to treat hyperthyroidism or for follow-up radiation after a thyroid disease and other purposes. The specialized outpatient clinic for thyroid diseases is functioning in the department. The staff carries out outpatient follow-up care after surgical interventions or tumour operations on the thyroid gland.

Radioisotopes are used for diagnostics and therapy. For example, cancer, joint diseases, and thyroid disorders are treated in the department. In addition, full-body diagnostics are available for various conditions and the assessment of radiation in the body.

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