Vesicoureteral reflux treatment

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Vesicoureteral reflux is an abnormal backflow (reflux) of urine from the bladder into the ureters or kidneys. Often it is complicated by urinary tract infections, which cause typical symptoms. Doctors prescribe antibiotics for vesicoureteral reflux treatment, but sometimes endoscopic, open and robotic da Vinchi operations are also effective.

The disease is characterised by the reverse urine flow from the bladder back to the ureter and kidney system. The reflux occurs more often in childhood, mainly affecting newborns, infants and young babies. From 1% to 3% of children have vesicoureteral reflux.

Urine backflow can reach the kidneys. It is dangerous because kidney function is impaired. In addition, there is a risk of bacterial entry, urinary tract infections and hydronephrosis.

Urologists classify several types of vesicoureteral reflux: the primary form is congenital, while the secondary form is acquired throughout life and is a complication of another disease or injury. Primary vesicoureteral reflux causes are associated with lower urinary tract abnormality and acquired one is characterised by renal changes due to trauma, inflammation or radiation.

In many cases, patients with reflux do not have symptoms. There are no specific signs of this disease. However, if signs are present, in most cases, it has developed into a urinary tract infection:

  • Frequent painful urination;
  • Pain in the lower back or, the lower abdomen.

The most common treatment method in the early stages is using antibiotics to prevent renal infections. However, doctors use surgery in severe forms or when antibiotics are ineffective. Reflux correction through open surgery has a high success rate (88-99%).

Endoscopic operations or da Vinci robotic surgery are the innovative treatment options for vesicoureteral reflux. They have more benefits and a higher success rate.

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