Kardiolita Hospital Vilnius

Vilnius, Lithuania
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Kardiolita Hospital Vilnius
Kardiolita Hospital Vilnius
Kardiolita Hospital Vilnius

About the hospital

Kardiolita Hospital Vilnius is the leading multidisciplinary private clinic in the Baltic region. The hospital was the first in Eastern Europe to receive the highest quality mark in medicine - the United International Company JCL certificate, which confirms doctors' high professionalism and the effectiveness of treatment.

The clinic employs more than 400 doctors, specialize in more than 45 medical fields, and provides more than 1,500 services. Every year, Kardiolita Hospital accepts more than 1,000 international patents for diagnostics, various medical procedures and operations of varying complexity. The hospital includes an outpatient clinic, three operating rooms with modern equipment, an intensive care unit and an inpatient department with single, double and family rooms.

The clinic is one of the highly-rated medical centres in Vilnius regarding the number of positive reviews. The clinic has also won a vocation in providing medical care to foreign patients, as they are served without waiting in line and can go directly to the chosen specialist. Advanced treatment methods and modern technologies, intensive care and resuscitation centres available around the clock and seven days a week, an exceptionally high level of infection control, effective rehabilitation, a pleasant welcome and a cosy environment are the exceptional characteristics of the Kardiolita clinic. Furthermore, the hospital offers comprehensive medical examinations, thanks to which patients can quickly undergo a complete diagnosis of their health. The diagnostic capabilities of the hospital include the latest medical equipment such as ultrasound, endoscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, interventional radiology and cardiology.

The Kardiolita Clinic provides services from disease prevention to the most complex surgical treatment and rehabilitation. The clinic has a cardiology and vascular surgery department, general surgery, neurosurgery and orthopaedic surgery, urology, gynaecology and plastic surgery. Comprehensive and precise instrumental studies and laboratory studies allow for diagnosing very complex diseases. The medical team is pleased to offer minimally invasive surgeries that preserve the human body, reduce hospital stays and avoid complications.

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Can I have a complete body check-up at Kardiolita Hospital Vilnius?

Preventive examinations and modern diagnostic tools help to predict or detect the disease at an early stage. Kardiolita Hospital offers medical health screening programs based on age and gender or examines individual body systems, including cancer check-ups.

What services does the dermatology department of the hospitals offer?

Center for aesthetic and laser dermatology - offers consultations by dermatologists on treating skin diseases. Aesthetic services are also available: wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid and BOTOX injections, mesotherapy, bio revitalization, facial skin rejuvenation, hair loss prevention, and peelings.

Is the clinic good for weight loss surgery?

The hospital provides dietetics and nutritional treatment services. Surgical options to treat obesity may also be offered - weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery). Surgeons have exceptional experience in laparoscopic gastric plication, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass.

Doctors in Kardiolita Hospital Vilnius

About the city

Vilnius is Lithuania's capital and largest metropolis of Lithuania, one of the most beautiful cities in the Baltics and throughout Europe. The city is located in the southeast of Lithuania and is the second-largest city in the Baltic States. Vilnius is an ideal example of a medieval foundation that profoundly affected the architectural and cultural development of the vast territory of Eastern Europe over several centuries.

Vilnius is proud of a large number of talented contemporary artists. City guests can listen to the best opera singer in the world, visit a play or film by a world-famous Lithuanian director or an exhibition of a famous contemporary artist. Daily, dozens of free events occur in Vilnius, and every month there is a theatre, film, dance or cultural festival. In addition to cultural events, the city boasts incredible nature. Vilnius is surrounded by hills and valleys, lush green forests, and rivers that run right through the city centre.

High-tech scientists have replaced the glassblowers, shoemakers and prominent jewellers of old Vilnius. There are many international business offices in the city, and the most advanced laser and medical equipment factories are located around the city. The town is quite popular among foreigners due to medical tourism. The quality and effectiveness of treatment are not inferior to leading European clinics at significantly lower prices. One of the well-known private clinics is Kardiolita Hospital, where highly specialized doctors offer therapy in more than 45 directions.

Vilnius is a very hospitable city. On the one hand, it is very spacious, where everyone will find enough space to feel comfortable, and on the other hand, it is also compact, so no one feels too far apart. As a result, Vilnius is dynamic yet calm: even at the busiest time of the day, when Vilnius seems crowded and rushed, it is never chaotic.

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