SHEBA Medical Center Ramat Gan

Ramat Gan, Israel
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SHEBA Medical Center Ramat Gan
SHEBA Medical Center Ramat Gan
SHEBA Medical Center Ramat Gan

About the hospital

SHEBA Medical Center Ramat Gan is the most famous medical centre in the Middle East. The centre includes a general hospital, a maternity hospital, a children's hospital, and a rehabilitation hospital. The clinic uses the most advanced medical technology to treat patients with severe illnesses. The infrastructure allows for accurate diagnosis and comprehensive and most effective treatment of various diseases and pathologies.

The hospital staff of more than 1,600 doctors adhere to the highest standards of diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation medicine, and the total number of employees is approximately 10,000. Every year, the medical centre treats 430,000 inpatients and more than a million outpatients. The clinic's surgeons perform more than 50,000 surgical interventions annually, while more than 11,000 babies are born in the delivery rooms yearly. In addition, the medical centre has 159 specialized departments, outpatient clinics and centres, as well as 75 laboratories.

SHEBA Hospital is one of the top 10 medical institutions in the world, according to the American magazine Newsweek. The clinic is accredited according to the American standards by Joint Commission International, indisputable proof of a world-class clinic. The hospital employs dozens of leading doctors, including world-class professionals. The medical centre is the national leader in clinical research in Israel and conducts almost a quarter of all clinical trials in the country. There are more than 90 research groups at Sheba, and about 4,000 studies are conducted annually.

SHEBA is home to the world-famous Israel National Center for Medical Simulation, the National Blood Bank and the Cord Blood Bank. Other major clinic centres include the Center for Cancer Treatment and Research, the Heart Center, the Center for Gynecology and Maternity, and the Israel Center for Disaster Medicine and Humanitarian Response. The clinic's structure also includes one of the largest rehabilitation hospitals in the world. The medical team creates a therapeutic and service-oriented environment for the patient, using a holistic approach to each patient's unique physical, emotional and functional needs.

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Founded in 1948
430,000 patients
1,580 beds available
N/A departments

Is leukaemia treatment available at the hospital?

The clinic uses a revolutionary type of blood cancer treatment - CART therapy, which programs the patient's altered leukocytes to destroy cancer cells when other treatments fail. Fortunately, after just one treatment, the cells stay in the body and continue to attack the tumour for months.

Is it possible to cure congenital hydrocephalus in the centre?

Yes, the disease can be treated at the hospital. Congenital hydrocephalus is usually treated by inserting a shunt to drain fluid into the abdomen. In addition, doctors perform endoscopic third ventriculostomy, a procedure that uses endoscopes for minimally invasive surgical treatment of hydrocephalus.

Why should I choose SHEBA Medical Center for prostate cancer treatment?

Several types of effective prostate cancer treatments are used: chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiation therapy, Lutetium 177 PSMA therapy, and NanoKnife. In addition, the clinic has the DaVinci system, which allows the surgeon to facilitate an operation using a minimally invasive approach.

What services does the hospital offer?

The clinic under one roof offers a wide range of outpatient and inpatient services for the treatment of oncological, cardiovascular and reproductive diseases. In addition, innovative surgical treatment in general and neurosurgery are also available.

About the city

Ramat Gan is a city in Israel that is an extension of Tel Aviv. Ramat Gan is a diverse city known for many things that are entirely unrelated to each other, including diamonds, football, malls, chocolate, Iraqi restaurants, a religious university, and an African open-air safari with lions.

The uniqueness of Ramat Gan lies in its parks and green spaces surrounding the quiet pastoral neighbourhoods. The city continues to meticulously maintain and improve its parks to benefit residents and visitors. To the north, Ramat Gan is bordered by the Yarkon River and the Yarkon Park, and to the south, by the open spaces of the Ramat Gan National Park and safari. On a safari, visitors can meet about 1,200 animals worldwide and see the largest animal treatment centre in Israel. Ramat Gan is also bustling with cultural life and art, both professional and amateur. The city's Department of Arts and Culture organizes about 150 cultural events every month, offering theatre, music, dance, lectures, films and more.

Ramat Gan currently has 161,000 inhabitants and is one of the 15 largest cities in Israel. The town is home to the world's largest diamond district and one of the largest business complexes in Israel, the Israel Diamond District, which employs 50,000 people daily. The city is also proud of its SHEBA Medical Center, one of the world's top ten. The hospital specializes in high-quality medical services and clinical research.

Guests of Ramat Gan can enjoy the picturesque nature surrounding the city. Green parks, fresh air, and proximity to the sea create all the conditions for a good rest and rejuvenation. It also served as the opening of one of the largest rehabilitation centres in the world. In addition to visiting museums, theatres, concerts, lectures and films, visitors to the city can improve their health and quality of life.

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