Memorial Hospital Ankara

Ankara, Turkey
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Memorial Hospital Ankara
Memorial Hospital Ankara
Memorial Hospital Ankara

About the hospital

Memorial Hospital Ankara is one of the largest clinics in the network, covering an area of ​​42,000 m2. In the medical centre, patients can undergo excellent diagnostics and treatment in all areas of modern medicine. For the high level of medical services, the clinic was awarded the Joint Commission International (JCL) certificate, issued only to the best medical centres worldwide.

Ankara Memorial provides services with 230 beds, of which 60 are in intensive care units, 11 operating rooms and 63 polyclinics. The clinic opened its doors in 2014 and, since then, has treated over 1,500,000 inpatients and outpatients annually. The hospital has luxurious rooms with many amenities such as telephone connection, television and Internet access.

The hospital stands out for its excellent technological infrastructure. The operating rooms of the medical centre, which comply with international standards, use the latest sterilization methods. LED lamps in operating rooms provide more comfort for the patient and the doctor due to their features, such as adjusting the light's colour according to the operation's characteristics and preventing heat radiation. Thanks to the 256-slice computed tomography (CT) scanner, patients are much less exposed to radiation during surgery. The state-of-the-art 70 cm MR machine, more comprehensive than the standard MR machine, provides maximum comfort, especially for claustrophobic patients. Ankara Memorial Hospital also has an MRI-compatible anaesthesia machine and monitor. The medical centre is a leader in the field of transplantology. Every year, the clinic performs more than 350 bone marrow transplantations for adults and children.

Memorial Centre in Ankara offers treatment in specialized departments of cardiovascular surgery, invasive cardiology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, bone marrow transplantation, in vitro fertilization, orthopaedics and neurosurgery. The clinic serves as the health base of the region with its departments that have become known worldwide as a reference centre, its academic faculty of specialist doctors, its patient-centred approach to service, and its diagnostic and treatment facilities.

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Founded in 2014
1,500,000 patients
230 beds available
N/A department

What doctors are available in the hospital?

The Memorial Clinic employs the best experts from all over the world who have studied at leading universities in the USA and Europe. The clinic includes paediatrics, endocrinology, neurology, gastroenterology, oncology and cardiology specialists. The medical centre has more than 63 directions.

Does Memorial Hospital Ankara offer bone marrow transplantation?

Every year, the clinic performs more than 350 bone marrow transplantations. Oncologists at Ankara Memorial Hospital perform autologous and allogeneic types of transplantation. In addition, the clinic cooperates with the International Blood Bank, which allows you to find a donor for transplantation quickly.

Can I receive laser eye treatment at the clinic?

At Ankara Memorial Hospital, LASIK laser vision correction can be performed using the most advanced 6th generation Schwind Esiris excimer laser. This method of treatment allows doctors to restore vision in just 40 minutes.

About the city

Ankara is the majestic capital of Turkey and the second-largest city after Istanbul. Ankara is a well-known resort city that attracts travelers with unique architectural monuments, modern entertainment centers, and well-developed infrastructure. The city's name comes from angora, a soft fiber from the angora rabbit. Therefore, some animals bred in this area have become symbols of the town: Ankara cat, Ankara goat, and Ankara rabbit.

The city's most visited attraction is the Anitkabir Mausoleum, which harmoniously combines 22 buildings. Anitkabir is not only the mausoleum of Ataturk but also a museum, which is visited annually by about 3 million tourists worldwide. Ankara has many parks and open spaces, created mainly in the republic's early years, which have been well maintained and expanded ever since. Genchlik Park, the Botanical Garden, and Segmenler Park are the most essential and beautiful parks. Guests of the city usually like to visit the old shops on Cikrikcilar Yokusu (Weaver's Road) near Ulus, where travelers can find various things ranging from traditional fabrics to handmade carpets and leather goods.

The city is famous for its large number of mosques, one of which is the magnificent Kocatepe Mosque. The luxurious interior decoration of the Kocatepe is striking in its richness: marble, golden plates, unique decorative tiles, colorful stained-glass windows, and large crystal chandeliers. For tourists who love relaxing holidays, Ankara SPAs offer treatments such as hot springs, mineral water baths, mud, and aromatherapy. The health sector is also actively developing in the city. Ankara has the world-famous Memorial Hospital, Medicana International Hospital, and Medical Park Ankara Hospital. Medical centers accept patients not only from Turkey but also from many other countries.

Ankara is generally a formal city due to the parliament and heads of state. But Ankara has many fascinating museums and sights, a ski center nearby and great nightlife. From the first minutes, the city delights with its bright oriental color, which is in harmony with the noise of a vast metropolis.

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