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Nordwest Hospital Frankfurt am Main


Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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92%2749.5/10$$$$102419635826200011 medical unitsState hospitalConduct clinical trialsKids, AdultsGeneralInpatient, OutpatientLargeYes


Size & Capacity

Large, 582 beds

Clinic type


Type of care

Inpatient, Outpatient

Age group

Kids, Adults

4.3 on Google

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Features & Facts

World-class doctors with 30 years of experience
Many top-rated doctors choose Nordwest as their workplace, including Dr. Jorg Engel. He is a globally recognized gynecological oncology, endocrinology, and reproductive medicine expert.
Outstanding success in TIL therapy
The patient's lymphocytes stop the growth of prostate cancer after only three infusions. The cancer went into complete remission and has not returned for years.
Experimental methods and own research institute
The Institute of Clinical Oncological Research oversees numerous studies and manages a network of over 500 clinical centers across Germany. Their focus is on conducting trials for new methods and immunotherapy drugs.
New ways for kidney cancer removal
The first and only hospital treats kidney tumors without opening the abdominal cavity. The DaVinci robot can remove hard-to-reach tumors through small incisions in the posterior abdominal wall.
TOP hospital for gallbladder diseases
According to the current FOCUS list, the clinic is ranked among Germany's best, with highly skilled doctors in treating gallbladder diseases using surgical, oncological, and radiotherapeutic methods.

About the clinic

Nordwest Hospital Frankfurt am Main is one of southern Hesse's largest and most innovative hospitals. It was founded in 1963 as part of the 800-year-old "Holy Spirit Foundation". The hospital offers individual medical, nursing, and therapeutic services at the highest professional level. In addition to medical practice, the clinic's medical team conducts research, opening up new opportunities to diagnose and treat severe diseases. The clinic employs 285 highly professional doctors who treat more than 22,000 inpatients and 40,000 outpatients. The clinic includes 12 highly specialized centers and four research institutes. The hospital has a capacity of 582 beds. Each room has specialized beds, a bathroom, a TV, and Wi-Fi. The clinic is popular among both Germans and foreign patients. According to Focus magazine, the clinic is included in Germany's TOP 100 best medical institutions. The Center for Oncology and Hematology at Nordwest Hospital is accredited by ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology) as a "Designated Center for Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care". Only 22 cancer centers in the world meet the highest cancer treatment standards and have received the ESMO certificate. The hospital is proud of its modern equipment, which plays an essential role in the effectiveness of treatment. Since 2016, the clinic has been equipped with the latest Truebeam STx NOVALIS linear accelerators from VIVARIAN and Brainlab, allowing radiation therapy to be performed without damaging surrounding tissues. The clinical activity of the clinic's medical team is marked by many prestigious certificates, which guarantee patients the highest quality standards in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The hospital presents such medical areas as general and abdominal surgery, thoracic surgery, gynecology and urology, radiation oncology, and hematology. The clinic also houses one of Germany's largest centers for treating acute nervous system diseases. Doctors use various treatment techniques, including minimally invasive surgery, combined radiochemotherapy, laser technologies, radiofrequency ablation, and physiotherapy.

Primary focus

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breast cancer
renal cell carcinoma
chronic hepatitis
lung cancer
herpes simplex
gastric cancer
ovarian cancer
thoracic surgery
colorectal cancer
t cell
multiple sclerosis
human immunodeficiency
prostate cancer
spinal surgery
luteinizing hormonereleasing hormone
bariatric surgery
solid tumors
radiation oncology
metabolic surgery
radiation therapy
vascular surgery
tickborne encephalitis

Departments & Doctors

Prof. Dr. med. Inga Peters

urology, urological oncology

Thoracic surgery
Dr. med. Stefanie Veit

thoracic surgery, thoracic defects

Radiation oncology
PD. Dr. med. Michael van Kampen

radiation oncology, radiology

Orthopedics, trauma, spine surgery
Dr. med. Sven Rogmans

orthopaedics, traumatology, spinal surgery

Oncology, hematology
Prof. Dr. med. Elke Jager

internal medicine, oncology, hematology, and palliative care

Extra services

Visa Support
Parking Space
24/7 medical assistance
Pastoral Care



Steinbacher Hohl, 2-26, 60488
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
About this place
Frankfurt am Main, or simply Frankfurt, is the fifth-largest city in Germany, founded in the 1st century. It is also the heart of


Why is the clinic considered the best for blood cancer treatment?

ESMO accredits the Center for Oncology and Hematology at Nordwest Hospital as a "Designated Center for Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care". Only 22 cancer centers in the world meet the highest cancer treatment standards and have received the ESMO certificate.

What options for lung surgery can Nordwest Hospital Frankfurt offer?

Nordwest Hospital Frankfurt am Main offers a full range of thoracic surgery procedures, including minimally invasive lung surgery, metastatic surgery, and palliative care. The clinic performs minimally invasive video-assisted thoracic surgery. Only two small incisions of 1-2 cm are needed for VATS.

Can I receive radiation therapy with modern linear accelerators?

Since 2016, one of Germany's most modern linear accelerators has been installed in the radiation oncology department. NOVALIS, powered by True Beam STx from VARIAN and Brainlab, is at the forefront of radiotherapy technology and offers patients a very gentle yet highly effective tumor treatment.

What is the rating of the clinic?

Nordwest Hospital Frankfurt am Main is rated as 9.50 by AiroMedical.

What do patients say about Nordwest Hospital Frankfurt am Main?

The clinic has 274 feedbacks at other places. The UserScore of the hospital is 92%.

What is the primary focus of the hospital?

The medical center is an expert at cancer, transplantation, surgery, liver, and hepatitis.

What is the overall experience of the facility?

Nordwest Hospital Frankfurt am Main has been operating since 1963. It has accumulated over 61 years of clinical background.

Where can I see the hospital's work, interior space, and exterior?

AiroMedical gallery has 7 photos & 3 videos related to Nordwest Hospital Frankfurt am Main.

Does the clinic have certification or recognition?

What is the structure of the hospital?

Where is the clinic located?

The address of the facility is Steinbacher Hohl 2-26 60488, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Does the hospital offer online consultations?

Yes, Nordwest Hospital Frankfurt am Main performs virtual appointments and offers a second medical opinion service.

What age range of patients can be admitted to the clinic?

The hospital accepts patients of all ages.

What type of stay is offered at Nordwest Hospital Frankfurt am Main?

The clinic offers both inpatient and outpatient services, so you can be hospitalized (if indicated).

Nordwest Hospital Frankfurt am Main
Nordwest Hospital Frankfurt am Main

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