Urethral fistula treatment

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Urethra fistulas are a kind of abnormal passages in the urethra. Patients report constant urine flow and pain as primary signs. As a rule, surgical intervention is the only effective treatment method.

A urethral fistula is an abnormal opening between the urethra and vagina (in women) and the penis and scrotum (in men). It is a rare disorder.

Urethral fistula can be congenital or acquired. The following causes lead to its formation:

  • Trauma (hits, accident, during childbirth);
  • Complications of medical procedures;
  • Chronic inflammation;
  • Advanced tumours;
  • Urethral strictures;
  • Radiation therapy.

A typical symptom of urethral fistulas is urine discharge from unnatural holes (fistulas). Additional signs are:

  • pain, itching, and burning in the place of the fistula;
  • skin redness and irritations;
  • weakness and body temperature.

Urethral fistulas threaten the development of severe complications in the form of inflammation of the bladder, urethra, vagina, ovaries, and other organs.

The main urethral fistula treatment option is surgery. Doctors offer hole closing for small fistulas (up to 2 mm). The operation for large openings excises the fistulous tract and sutures the wound. Surgeons also perform plastic surgery to repair damaged tissue. In some cases, urologists may cauterise urethral fistulas (coagulation).

As a rule, urethral fistula treatment has a high success rate (about 90%).

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