Perinephric abscess treatment

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Perinephric abscess is a purulent inflammation that forms into a capsule and is located between the kidney and its fascia (membrane). Common signs include abdominal and lower back pain and fever. Doctors provide surgical removal of the abscess, drainage and antibacterial therapy as priority treatment options.

Kidney abscesses are purulent inflammations that destroy the kidney tissue and form a pus-filled cavity. Abscesses usually result from a breakthrough of the renal infection through the fibrous (a membrane covering the kidneys).

Often the disease is a complication of inflammation, tumour and purulent processes of the kidneys. Urologists identify several risk factors for perinephric abscess: reduced immunity, HIV infection, dialysis, and drug abuse.

The disorder has an acute onset with fever, chills and lumbar pain. Nausea and sometimes vomiting are also common. Other symptoms include:

  • Loss of appetite;
  • Increased thirst;
  • Weakness and quick fatigue;
  • Night sweating.

Doctors provide a perinephric abscess diagnosis using such methods:

  • Kidney ultrasound reveals a cavity containing pus;
  • Urography (X-ray) determines compression or displacement of the damaged kidney cups;
  • Computed tomography helps to detect compaction and kidney changes.

The primary treatment method is surgical emptying of the abscess and drainage (a tube for permanent removal of pus from the kidney). In addition, a nephrostomy (urine removal direct from the kidney) is also installed if needed until the patient's recovery.

A more modern technique is minimally invasive abscess removal by puncturing it under ultrasound or CT guidance. In addition, antibacterial and detoxification therapy is crucial. Finally, if the entire kidney is not viable, nephrectomy (kidney removal) is the operation of choice.

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