Osteosarcoma treatment

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Osteosarcoma is a rare malignant bone tumor. It grows and spreads quickly, causing swelling, pain, and movement problems. Treatment consists of combining surgery with radiation or chemotherapy.

Osteosarcomas can occur at any age. However, they are the most common malignant bone formation in childhood and adolescence (more than 85% of cases). In addition, men are affected more often than women.

Usually, the mass forms in the arms and legs, destroying bone cells. Symptoms of osteosarcoma include swelling, pain, limited mobility, and sudden fractures of the affected bone.

As a rule, the oncologist first takes an x-ray. Then, an MRI and biopsy (examination of tumor cells under a microscope) accurately confirm bone cancer. Next, using x-rays, bone scintigraphy shows if other bones are damaged.

Treatment consists of three main components:

  • During chemotherapy, the patient receives drugs that block the division and growth of cancer cells. Often, it is given before surgery on the tumor (called neoadjuvant chemotherapy) to shrink the tumor. Additionally, after surgery (adjuvant), chemotherapy may be helpful to keep the osteosarcoma from returning.
  • During the surgical removal of a tumor, doctors cut out as much cancerous tissue as possible. In most cases, surgeons save the extremity. However, when the tumor is too large, and the limb has to be amputated, doctors make an artificial bone replacement (prostheses or other bone).
  • Radiation therapy is used when the tumor is in a hard-to-reach place and cannot be removed through surgery.
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