Proton Therapy Centre Prague

Prague, Czechia
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Proton Therapy Centre Prague
Proton Therapy Centre Prague
Proton Therapy Centre Prague

About the hospital

Proton Therapy Center Prague is the world's leading institution for cancer treatment with the proton beam. Among another radiotherapy, this method of irradiation is considered the most accurate. Moreover, the clinic's treatment methods show high efficiency in destroying cancer cells, possibly prolonging life and maintaining the quality of life.

Since opening in 2012, the Prague Proton Therapy Center has treated more than 6,500 patients from 50 countries. The medical team consists of oncologists, internists, pediatricians, radiologists and clinical physicists, and an employee who accompanies the patient at all stages of treatment. All clinic patients, both from the Czech Republic and abroad, invariably confirm that the treatment received, the quality of the medical care provided, the friendly approach to the patient, and the maximum level of comfort of the clinic make the Proton Therapy Center unique and trustworthy.

The center is equipped with IBA - the famous Belgian diagnostic and medical equipment manufacturer. In addition, the center is accredited by the Joint Czech Accreditation Commission for the safety and quality of medical services. The Proton Center in Prague uses the latest technologies and experience of leading Czech and world oncologists with proton therapy in children as part of a children's treatment program. All children undergoing treatment at the Proton Center are shown proton therapy cooperating with one of the children's oncology centers. Today, more than 80% of children are successfully cured.

Proton irradiation has maximum accuracy since almost all of the beam energy reaches the center of the tumor, practically without affecting healthy tissues. This treatment method is characterized by a low threshold of side effects and a relatively high percentage of cases of complete cure. Doctors have successfully treated tumors of the head and neck, gastrointestinal tract, lungs, prostate, and breast for over 10 years.

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Founded in 2012
2,500 patients
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1 department

What treatment does Proton Therapy Center offer?

The hospital specializes in proton beam radiation, the most advanced and precise form of radiation therapy currently available. Due to the accurate targeting of the protons directly to the tumor, side effects are significantly reduced. As a result, doctors can greatly decrease potential risks.

Why does the center have a high result in treating oncological diseases?

Thanks to proton irradiation, maximum accuracy is achieved since the beam's energy reaches the center of the tumor almost without affecting healthy tissues. For more than 10 years, doctors have successfully treated tumors of the head and neck, lungs, prostate, and mammary glands.

Does the hospital provide treatment for children with oncological diseases?

Сlinic uses the latest technologies and experience of leading Czech and international oncologists regarding proton therapy in children as part of the pediatric treatment program. Based on the internal statistics of the center, almost 80% of pediatric cases treated with proton beams were successful.

Doctor in Proton Therapy Centre Prague

About the city

Prague is one of the most attractive cities in the world, with historical roots combined with modern charm. Since 1920, the city's full official name has been "Capital city of Prague". There is also the phrase "Prague - the heart of Europe", which indicates the position of the metropolis. It's located both in the center of Bohemia and in the center of Europe.

Prague is an open-air museum with a rich heritage of art, architecture, music, and history. The city's main market square houses the main attractions, including the city's very popular Astronomical Clock. At every step, the homeland of world-famous writers Yaroslav Hasek and Franz Kafka surprises delights, and falls in love with itself. Prague is famous for its cultural life. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived here, and his Prague Symphony Orchestra and Don Giovanni were first staged in the city. In addition, Prague has an active musical life, culminating with the world-famous spring music festival every year.

Several higher education institutions in Prague, but the most famous is Charles University, the oldest in Central Europe. The Czech Republic and its citizens are big fans of football and hockey. Both are represented in Prague by two rival teams: Sparta and Slavia. In addition, the city has popular medical centers for plastic surgery, orthopedics, and urology. One of them is the Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Clinic Malvazinky, which specializes in treating and rehabilitation musculoskeletal and nervous system diseases. Professional athletes of the country and Europe entrust their health to the clinic.

Prague is a city in which it is impossible to get bored. At every step, the best examples of architecture of the past. Palaces, picturesque parks, refreshing fountains, and walks along the promenade - it's all in one city. All districts of Prague have their characteristics, atmosphere, and unique charm.

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