Immuno-Oncological Center IOZK Cologne

Cologne, Germany
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Immuno-Oncological Center IOZK Cologne
Immuno-Oncological Center IOZK Cologne
Immuno-Oncological Center IOZK Cologne

About the hospital

Immuno-Oncological Center IOZK Cologne specializes in individual cancer therapy with specific immune system activation. A team of leading physicians and experienced scientists work together in an interdisciplinary manner. In the clinic, the results of fundamental immunological research are directly applied to the treatment of cancer patients. As a result, IOZK offers important therapeutic options that complement and enhance traditional tumour treatments.

IOZK is a treatment medical facility with a laboratory in the centre of Cologne, Germany. The extensive treatment centre consists of examination and consultation rooms, conference rooms, offices and state-of-the-art laboratories of the highest standard. The doctors and scientists of the clinic have been working on the role of the immune system in developing cancer and chronic infectious diseases since 1985.

A team at the medical centre has developed the first autologous cancer vaccine in Europe, which has been approved following regulatory guidelines. The IO-VAC® cancer vaccine activates the patient's immune system and allows it to start fighting cancer cells. The vaccine uses the patient's dendritic cells, tumour antigens, and an oncolytic virus. IOZK individual immunotherapy is considered a pioneering solution in the fight against cancer. The medical centre received the German Medical Prize 2020 for the discovery. Current standard therapies attempt to fight the tumour but do not consider the potential of the body's defence mechanisms against tumour growth. The clinic's treatment is based on a combination of specific immunotherapy adapted to the patient's individual immunological and oncological needs.

The specialists of the medical centre have exceptional experience in the field of internal medicine, oncology, pediatric hemato-oncology and immunology. The range of therapeutic services of the medical centre includes immunotherapy, antitumor vaccination, antibody therapy, hyperthermia and supportive measures to strengthen the immune system and patients. With the help of complex individual therapy, doctors can offer patients the possibility of gentle treatment and the best quality of life.

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Founded in 1985
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What types of tumours can be treated in Immuno-Oncological Center Cologne?

Oncologists use immunotherapy to treat malignant skin cancer, breast cancer, bile duct carcinoma, and brain tumours. Numerous studies have shown that therapy is effective and relatively well tolerated in various tumour types. In addition, the technique allows for an extension of the life span.

What are the patient benefits of immunotherapy compared to classical oncology?

Despite the latest technologies in surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, healthy body cells are still damaged. Immunotherapy, on the contrary, has a specific effect: only malignant cells are killed, with practically no side effects. Therefore, immuno-oncological treatment is the most gentle method.

When is the best time to administer IOZK immunotherapy?

IOZK therapy can be carried out at any time during tumour growth. However, recent data show that immunotherapy in the early stages of the disease produces the best long-term results. Cancer vaccination and immunotherapy can also be combined with any conventional treatment.

About the city

Cologne is 2,000 years old city, which is located in western Germany. The city is the birthplace of Kölsch beer, and Nobel laureate Heinrich Böll. Cologne is an excellent place to live, with high ratings in travel connectivity, safety and healthcare.

More than 30 museums, hundreds of galleries, churches, and cathedrals make Cologne the cultural capital of Germany. The city's major landmark and unofficial symbol are Cologne Cathedral. It is a large Gothic church in northern Europe with twin towers tall, 515 feet (157 metres). In 1996, the cathedral was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Every year Cologne hosts one of the most famous carnivals in the world. In addition, Cologne is home to Europe's largest ice hockey stadium and concert hall.

Cologne is famous among young people due to its many educational institutions. The University of Cologne is the most prestigious and research-intensive university in Europe. Furthermore, Cologne is a major media centre because of numerous publishing firms and radio and television production organisations. In addition, the city is also the medical centre of Germany and has more than 20 hospitals and highly specialised clinics. It is possible to use both public clinics like the University Hospital Cologne and private clinics like the PAN Clinic Cologne. More than 300,000 people are treated in Cologne every year, which is proof of the excellent level of medicine.

There are so many reasons to visit Cologne. You can communicate with the locals in Cologne, distinguished by a unique, lighter attitude to life, a specific sense of humour and goodwill. Many tourists come here for shopping, healthcare, nightlife and entertainment. The abundance of museums, shops, restaurants, and clubs attracts more and more foreigners every year.

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