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Academic Hospital Sachsenhausen Frankfurt am Main

Academic Hospital Sachsenhausen Frankfurt am Main

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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97%4289.8/10$$55141895214200007 medical unitsState hospitalConduct clinical trialsKids, AdultsGeneralInpatient, OutpatientMediumYes


Size & Capacity

Medium, 214 beds

Clinic type


Type of care

Inpatient, Outpatient

Age group

Kids, Adults

3.8 on Google

The data collected based on 428 patient reviews on Google


Features & Facts

Team of the leaders in their field
The hospital teams only with high-ranked professionals. For example, Prof. Hornemann holds the MIC III certificate from the Gynecological Endoscopy Working Group, a credential held by fewer than 100 out of over 17,000 gynecologists in Germany.
"5-star treatment facility" in several destinations
The hospital is a certified hub for obesity surgery and diabetes treatment, emphasizing interventional radiology, minimally invasive gynecology, gastroenterology, and invasive cardiology, including an accredited chest pain unit and emergency care.
The 3D laparoscopy gynecology center
In 2020, the operative gynecology unit clinic received two new surgical systems with 3D visualization. Laparoscopy operations here are performed even for the largest uterine findings with less trauma and recovery time.
Minimally invasive surgery is a priority
More than 85% of all general and abdominal operations are performed minimally invasively. The frequency of such procedures for appendicitis, diverticular disease of the colon, gallstone disease, or reflux disease of the esophagus has reached 100%.
A teaching hospital of the University of Frankfurt
Sachsenhausen Hospital provides final practical training to medical students. It implies patients can access the latest medical advancements and receive care from top medical professionals.

About the clinic

Academic Hospital Sachsenhausen Frankfurt am Main was built at the end of the 19th century as a hospital for diabetics and dietary treatment. Today it is an innovative modern hospital with the highest qualifications of doctors and good medical care.  According to Focus Journal, the centers of Sachsenhausen Hospital are among the top medical facilities.    The hospital has 214 beds and seven specialized departments, including internal medicine, gynecology, general surgery, traumatology, and interventional radiology.  More than 20,000 patients are treated in the clinic annually, and more than 1,300 babies are born.  A range of services and facilities are provided to the patients, including comfortable rooms with mini-fridges, cupboards, automatic beds, and an attached bath. In addition, patients are provided with highly nutritious and delicious meals thrice a day. On the territory of the clinic, there is also a diabetic garden, which includes five thematic flower beds and more than 50 medicinal plants. Academic Clinic Sachsenhausen Frankfurt am Main specializes in bariatric surgery and is a minimally invasive gynecological surgery leader.  More than 90% of all surgical interventions in the clinic are performed using sparing minimally invasive techniques.  In addition, doctors in the clinic have extensive experience treating diabetic foot syndrome.  The German Diabetes Association has recognized the innovative methods that hospital specialists use.  The hospital also includes a chest pain unit and is an integral part of emergency care for patients with heart attacks. The hospital is an internationally recognized center that provides its patients with high-quality treatment to improve their quality of life. With experienced doctors, caring nursing staff, a location in the heart of Germany, and exceptional infrastructure, the hospital ensures that all patients receive treatment in a comfortable environment.

Primary focus

inflammatory bowel
iron deficiency
vitamin d
colorectal cancer
lymph node
colon cancer
ulcerative colitis
deficiency anemia
depressive symptoms
interventional cardiology
internal medicine
myocardial infarction
weight loss
bone augmentation
laparoscopic hysterectomy
minimally invasive surgery
laparoscopic surgery
sports medicine
intensive care
coronary artery
sleep apnea
bariatric surgery
abdominal surgery
weight loss surgery
breast cancer

Departments & Doctors

Gastroenterology, GERD center
Prof. Dr. med. Jurgen Stein

internal medicine, gastroenterology, GERD, and nutritional medicine

General, bariatric surgery
Prof. Dr. med. Plamen Staikov

general and abdominal surgery, weight loss surgery

Gynecology, obstetrics
Prof. Dr. med. Amadeus Hornemann, MPH

surgical and oncological gynecology, perinatal and minimally invasive surgery

Prof. Dr. med. Claudius Teupe

internal medicine, interventional cardiology, intensive care medicine

Endocrinology, diabetology, nutritiology
Dr. med. Ralf Jung

internal medicine, endocrinology, and diabetology, nutritional medicine


Extra services

Visa Support
24/7 medical assistance
Pastoral Care
Intensive Care Unit


Schulstraße, 31, 60594 Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Is Sachsenhausen Hospital Frankfurt suitable for bariatric operations?

The Center for Obesity Surgery in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen is distinguished because doctors use many surgical methods. Whether it is sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, gastric banding, or the very complex BPD (biliopancreatic diversion) operation, it is essential to consider individual needs.

Can I lose weight without surgery?

Various medications can help the patient lose weight. Some of these drugs change the feeling of hunger or fullness. Also, with the participation of qualified and experienced nutritionists, it is possible to install a gastric balloon in the clinic. This method can improve overall health and reduce surgical risks.

What kind of vascular interventions does the clinic perform?

Sachsenhausen Hospital Frankfurt offers patients highly specialized treatment for vascular diseases using modern procedures. The department of angiology specializes in diagnosing PAOD and treating acute and chronic arterial occlusions with PTA (Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty).

What is the rating of the clinic?

Academic Hospital Sachsenhausen Frankfurt am Main is rated as 9.80 by AiroMedical.

What do patients say about Academic Hospital Sachsenhausen Frankfurt am Main?

The clinic has 428 feedbacks at other places. The UserScore of the hospital is 97%.

What is the primary focus of the hospital?

The medical center is an expert at cancer, children, bowel, inflammatory bowel, and iron deficiency.

What is the overall experience of the facility?

Academic Hospital Sachsenhausen Frankfurt am Main has been operating since 1895. It has accumulated over 129 years of clinical background.

Where can I see the hospital's work, interior space, and exterior?

Does the clinic have certification or recognition?

What is the structure of the hospital?

Where is the clinic located?

The address of the facility is Schulstraße 31 60594, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Does the hospital offer online consultations?

Yes, Academic Hospital Sachsenhausen Frankfurt am Main performs virtual appointments and offers a second medical opinion service.

What age range of patients can be admitted to the clinic?

The hospital accepts patients of all ages.

What type of stay is offered at Academic Hospital Sachsenhausen Frankfurt am Main?

The clinic offers both inpatient and outpatient services, so you can be hospitalized (if indicated).

Academic Hospital Sachsenhausen Frankfurt am Main
Academic Hospital Sachsenhausen Frankfurt am Main

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