Myxofibrosarcoma treatment

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Myxofibrosarcoma is a slowly growing soft tissue tumor. The disease is characterized by a high recurrence rate and a high risk of metastasis. Therefore, the treatment choice is surgical intervention along with radiation and chemotherapy.

Myxofibrosarcoma (MFS) is a pretty rare and aggressive formation. The disease accounts for about 2% of all sarcomas in general statistics. It mainly affects men and people over 60 years of age.

The exact cause of myxofibrosarcoma is not yet known. However, genetic factors, trauma, and radiation contribute to mass development. Myxofibrosarcoma usually grows on the extremities, less often on the trunk and head. Patients note a painless lump under the skin. However, it multiplies quickly and can cause swelling and discomfort over time. In addition, as the tumor grows, pain may appear in the affected area.

To ensure that the patient has myxofibrosarcoma, the doctor prescribes imaging methods (ultrasound, MRIs, CT scan, or PET) and a tumor tissue biopsy (examination in the laboratory) to detect the location, size, and stage of the formation and its metastases.

Physicians develop a treatment plan based on the severity of myxofibrosarcoma, its stage and size, and how quickly it spreads.

Surgical removal of the tumor is the primary treatment option for myxofibrosarcoma. Along with the surgery, oncologists perform radiation therapy before the operation to reduce tumors and after the removal to reduce the risk of recurrence. Sometimes chemotherapy is helpful. Doctors prescribe drugs that act on the entire body and destroy cancer cells. A surgery and radiation therapy combination is required in advanced cases to improve the outlook.

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