Dermatofibrosarcoma treatment

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Dermatofibrosarcoma is a cancerous tumor that grows from skin cells. It rarely metastasizes and grows very slowly. Patients generally have a good prognosis. DFSP does not usually cause symptoms. Treatment involves surgery, radiation, and targeted therapy.

Dermatofibrosarcoma (DFSP) is a type of malignant skin formation. Although DFSP is the most common skin sarcoma, it is rare in the general population. The median age at diagnosis is 40 years.

The cause of the disease is a genetic mutation, leading to mass growth. In addition, sometimes skin injuries and scars (the result of a burn, surgery, or tattoo) can increase the risk of DFSP.

In the early stages, the disease is invisible. It can take years or decades for the tumor to grow enough to cause symptoms. Small, rough red or reddish nodules appear on the skin that resembles scars. They don't cause any complaints. A dermatologist (skin doctor) performs a biopsy - under anesthesia, a part of the mass is removed and examined under a microscope. MRI determines the size and depth of the tumor, as well as its spread. Approximately 1 in 20 patients have metastases.

Oncologists recommend complete surgical removal of nodules (Mohs surgery). Massive tumors that surgeons cannot wholly remove are treated with radiation therapy. High-energy X-rays and protons effectively clean cancerous tissue. Another method is targeted therapy - taking certain drugs that prevent the growth of tumor cells.

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