Vocal cord lesions treatment

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A lesion (damaged or infected area) to the vocal folds is one of the most common causes of voice problems. A typical sign is periodic and then constant hoarseness of the voice. Treatment of vocal cords is carried out primarily by a surgical method.

Vocal folds are elastic formations located in the middle part of the larynx- an essential organ for speech.

Vocal cords consist of muscle and connective tissue, increasing their elasticity. Under the pressure of the air from the lungs, the vocal cords come together, stretch and vibrate so the voice appears. Another function of the vocal cords is to prevent foreign bodies from entering the lungs.

Fibromas, angiofibroma, and cysts of the vocal folds are more often observed in adults aged 25 to 59. The main complaint and reason for consulting a doctor are voice issues in the form of hoarseness and coughing. If the disease blocks the lumen of the larynx, breathing difficulties may occur. Sometimes patients feel the presence of a foreign body in the throat area. After a long conversation, the voice becomes quieter and more painful.

The primary method of diagnosing vocal cord diseases is laryngoscopy. If necessary, additional tests are carried out: CT or MRI scans and ultrasound of the neck.

Surgical methods help to treat vocal cord lesions. Otolaryngologists perform endolaryngeal removal of neoplasms through the oropharynx without incisions in the neck. Microsurgery with a laser allows ENT surgeons to remove the tumour from the vocal cords.

The general principle of drug treatment is to carry out courses of anti-inflammatory therapy before or after the operation. After the surgery, the patient must follow a special voice mode.

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