Vallecula cancer treatment

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Vallecula cancer affects part of the larynx. It causes throat problems, voice disturbance, and constant pain. In addition, this type of cancer is difficult to treat. Doctors use radiation therapy to destroy a tumor.

A vallecula is a pit in the throat behind the tongue. Vallecula cancer is a sporadic disease that develops slowly. As a rule, those who abuse alcohol and tobacco are more prone to developing laryngeal tumors.

Symptoms of vallecula tumor include the following:

  • Persistent sore throat;
  • Difficulty swallowing;
  • Hoarseness of voice;
  • Voice change;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Change in taste.

The tumor can grow on the tongue in advanced stages, causing metastases.

Doctors diagnose vallecula cancer using endoscopy. A flexible thin tube with a flashlight on the end is inserted into the larynx, then doctors take a small piece of the tumor and examine it under a microscope (biopsy). CT shows the size of the tumor and metastases.

Treatment of vallecula cancer has some problems due to the difficulty of surgical access. Therefore, oncologists use radiation therapy to get rid of the lump as the primary type of treatment. High-energy beams damage cancer cells, causing them to die. Thus, the tumor is destroyed, and the symptoms disappear. The five-year survival rate for vallecula cancer reaches 45%.

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