Asan Medical Center Seoul

Seoul, South Korea
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Asan Medical Center Seoul
Asan Medical Center Seoul
Asan Medical Center Seoul

About the hospital

Asan Medical Center Seoul is the largest medical institution in Korea, which was opened in 1989. The total area of ​​85,000 square meters is designed for 2,715 beds and outpatient departments. Annually, doctors serve more than 935,000 patients.

The medical center ranks first in the KS.SQI rating by the Korean Standards Association and the National Customer Satisfaction Index. Also, it occupies a leading position in the successful transplantation of liver, kidney, pancreas, and heart organs, according to KONOS, and in successful operations of the most common types of cancer in the HIRA list. In addition, the clinic received the grand prize for the KMAR global management standard.

World recognition of the hospital was brought by its progressive views on medicine and the use of unique cure methods. Doctors became the first to perform a living donor liver transplant using a modified graft, a double living donor liver transplant, and an exchange liver transplant. Also, due to its popularity, Asan Сlinic Seoul has successfully performed 5,000 liver transplants, 600 heart transplants, 4,000 kidney transplants, and 300 pancreas transplants as of 2015. The heart institute, based on the hospital, considered the most experienced among Korean medical institutions, also achieved substantial success. Many surgical interventions allowed the development and publication of an improved technique for stenting the left main coronary artery in the internationally respected New England Journal of Medicine. In addition, cardiac surgeons perform the most significant substantial volume of percutaneous aortic valve replacement (TAVR) in all of Asia. Doctors also became pioneers in the country in performing mitral balloon valvuloplasty and coronary artery stenting and the first in Asia in a cardiac rehabilitation program in Asia, approved by the American Association. Korea's unique Crohn's and ulcerative colitis clinic was established in 1993, in which more than 50% of intestinal surgeries are performed using a gentle laparoscopic approach. Also, since 2007, surgeons have been using DaVinci robotic methods of surgical intervention and have the experience of conducting more than 600 successful operations per year.

Asan Medical Center in Seoul provides treatment for the most common diseases of adults and children, including oncology, endocrinology, cardiology, and general surgery. Patients also have the opportunity to consult on any health issue at the outpatient level. In addition, specialists conduct various clinical studies to introduce the most effective treatment methods with gentle and individualized approaches.

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Founded in 1989
935,000 patients
2,715 beds available
35 departments

Does the hospital use the DaVinci robot for prostatectomy?

Surgeons use robotic DaVinci methods, which allow them to see nerve endings at the microscopic level thanks to the 3D camera. This approach makes it possible to perform surgical interventions on the prostate without affecting potency.

Is the clinic suitable for organ transplants?

Doctors are world and state pioneers in organ transplantation, particularly liver, and heart. In addition, the clinic is one of the most famous centers and has a high success rate of donor organ engraftment compared to the average.

Does Asan Medical Center Seoul treat brain tumors?

The hospital is home to the Brain Tumor Center, one of the largest centers in Asia, and serves about 1,200 patients with all types of brain tumors every year. In addition, skull base surgery, endoscopic surgery, neuro-oncology, stereotaxic radiosurgery, and neuroendocrinology are highly effective.

Do doctors have the authority to cure children?

Pediatricians and surgeons offer a wide range of medical services to treat children from the youngest age. Also, a unique feature is cooperation with the center for fetal treatment of the department of obstetrics and gynecology and neonatal stimulation.

Doctors in Asan Medical Center Seoul

About the city

Seoul is the principal city of South Korea, with residents of more than 10 million people. The municipality officially became the capital in 1948. The town plays with the contrasts of futuristic buildings, ancient architecture, and Buddhist temples.

Vibrant nightlife and exemplary Korean clubs are located in the heart of the Gangnam metropolis. In addition, the city is a heaven for shopping and fashion. Walking through the metropolis, visitors can't pass Dongdaemun Design Plaza DDP and the 236-meter TV tower Seoul Tower. The design of the buildings resembles alien architecture with apparent features of futurism. In addition, Gyeongbokgung Palace is a real national treasure of 14th-century Korea. Numerous sacred houses with parks, museums, and exhibitions also attract the attention of travelers worldwide. In the spring, visitors can admire the cherry blossoms at the Hangan Park Festival, which is the perfect place to take photos to remember the vacation. While walking around the city, guests can enjoy the national cuisine of kimchi (pickled cabbage), samgethan (chicken soup stuffed with Chinese dates, ginseng, and rice), and hoe.

The municipality is an important political and economic center of the country. From the very beginning, the city was famous for its rural economy, and the economy gained the most significant development due to exports, which are common now. Today, the primary industries are trade, mechanical engineering, telecommunications, electronics, and construction. According to Fortune magazine, Seoul ranks seventh among the world's cities regarding the number of corporations. It is included in the list of the five hundred largest multinational corporations. Also, in 1998, the city became the capital of the 20th Summer Olympic Games, and in 2002, it was one of the venues for the World Football Championship. In addition, the medical field has also developed significantly. Back in 1989, Asan Medical Center Seoul began providing treatment according to the latest global recommendations and catching up with the world's leading hospitals.

A vacation in Seoul resembles a trip to the future, where highly developed technologies occupy a larger share of life. But numerous green areas and architecture of ancient times bring back to reality and allow harmony and unity with the culture of the past.

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