Tympanosclerosis treatment

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Tympanosclerosis is a dense, dirty-white focal thickening of the eardrum that looks like scarring. Otolaryngologists report that the primary treatment method is surgery. Doctors perform different types of tympanoplasty depending on the spread and location of sclerosis on the tympanic membrane.

Tympanosclerosis is a scarring form of ear inflammation of the middle ear. It is characterised by the growth of connective tissue in the mucous membrane with subsequent calcification and ossification. Finally, it leads to damage to the internal structures of the ear and deafness.

Diagnosis of the disease is not difficult because tympanosclerosis is characterised by a typical clinical picture. It comes down to the following symptoms:

  • The patient complains of persistent hearing loss in one or both ears, which is sometimes accompanied by tinnitus;
  • Changes in the eardrum are revealed during otoscopy;
  • During audiometry, hearing loss is registered according to the conductive type, less often - according to the mixed type.

If the disease has an initial form, conservative treatment may be possible:

  • Purging of the auditory tube;
  • Pneumatic massage of the tympanic membrane;
  • Injection of hydrocortisone;
  • Physiotherapeutic procedures;

ENT specialists advise surgical treatment or hearing prostheses to help patients with tympanosclerosis and hearing loss. However, drug treatment does not have an effect since tympanosclerotic foci do not "dissolve".

Surgical intervention (tympanoplasty or myringoplasty) includes removal of the scarring eardrum and ossifications from the middle ear, remodelling of the ossicular chain and restoration of the tympanic membrane.

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