Tonsillitis treatment

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Tonsillitis is an inflammatory process in one or more tonsils of the pharynx. In 80% of cases, it is caused by a bacteria - beta-hemolytic streptococcus. However, it also may be various bacteria, staphylococci, and fungal microorganisms. If the treatment is not started timely, the focus of inflammation spreads further and affects the surrounding soft tissues.

Tonsillitis is inflammation of the palatine tonsils caused by microorganisms (bacteria or viruses). The disease is one of the most common ENT conditions diagnosed in children. It leads to the enlargement of the glands, accompanied by a high temperature and fatigue.

A patient becomes infected by airborne droplets and experiences the first acute symptoms of tonsillitis within 1-2 days:

  • Pain in the throat that worsens when swallowing;
  • General weakness, pain in muscles and joints;
  • Increase in temperature;
  • Enlargement of lymph nodes in the neck area;
  • Headaches.

The tonsils become bright red, swollen, and small dots with pus form on them. If the symptoms are ignored at this moment and treatment is not started, tonsillitis can take a chronic type.

The first stage of the diagnosis is the examination of the patient. Next, the condition of the pharynx is evaluated using special lighting. The doctor notes increased lymph nodes, pronounced redness of the palatine tonsils, yellowish purulent plaque and other signs of tonsillitis.

An otolaryngologist takes a smear from the tonsils to determine the causative agent. This analysis is sent to the laboratory for examination. A specific group of microorganisms allows physicians to understand what led to tonsillitis.

Treatment will be based on a comprehensive approach aimed at relieving the symptoms and eliminating bacteria:

  • Drugs for pain relief in the form of tablets or sprays;
  • Solutions for washing the tonsils;
  • Symptomatic medication to lower body temperature;
  • Antibiotics.

The modern treatment method for tonsillitis uses low-intensity laser radiation. The technique has an effective anti-inflammatory and pain effect. In addition, it promotes tissue trophic stimulation and regeneration, activation of tissue respiration, etc.

As part of the treatment, surgeons might decide to remove the tonsils. The following surgical methods can be used:

  • Traditional tonsillectomy (removal of glands);
  • Laser tonsillectomy.
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