Tongue cancer treatment

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Tongue cancer is a cancerous formation in the mouth. It is a malignant and aggressive disease. The tumor usually affects two-thirds of the tongue. Doctors treat with surgery followed by radiation or targeted therapy (chemotherapy or immunotherapy).

In tongue cancer, a malignant mass of abnormal cells forms on or under the tongue. Statistics show that men are more prone to develop the disease than women.

Excessive use of alcohol and tobacco, trauma to the tongue, poor oral hygiene, and human papillomavirus (HPV) all contribute to the development of cancer.

A typical sign of tongue cancer is a noticeable white or reddish patch on the tongue that does not heal. Instead, it grows over time, causing pain, bleeding, tongue numbness, bad breath, and difficulty swallowing. Then, spreading, the cancer metastasizes in the form of ulcers.

There are various treatment options for tongue cancer. The choice of therapy depends on the stage and size of the tumor. The primary treatment is the removal of cancerous tissue by surgery. The operation is usually accompanied by radiation therapy or chemotherapy (several courses are required). Chemotherapy is often combined with radiation therapy and is often given after surgery to reduce cancer risk. Oncologists also use immunotherapy, which supports the body's fight against the disease.

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