Perichondritis treatment

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Perichondritis is a painful inflammation of the auricular cartilage. The auricle with the external auditory meatus is predominantly affected. ENT doctors distinguish between acute and chronic forms. Treatment options include wound debridement and medications (antibiotics and hormones). In advanced cases, surgeons perform abscess drainage.

Perichondritis is inflammation of the perichondrium (tissue that covers the auricle cartilage) and the ear skin. The reason is the penetration of bacteria through a minor injury into the pinna skin.

Perichondritis is quite rare in otolaryngological practice. Risk factors for this ear condition are:

  • Trauma;
  • Piercing;
  • Operations on the ear;
  • Bruise on the ear;
  • A bite of an insect;
  • Burn or frostbite of the auricle;
  • Furuncle of the external auditory canal.

The disease is unsafe because complete cartilage death occurs with a late diagnosis. In addition, it leads to the appearance of auricle scars.

The symptoms of perichondritis vary, depending on the severity. But there are common signs: pain, swelling, and redness. At the beginning of the disorder, ear discomfort appears. Then, with the development of a purulent form, the ear becomes blue-violet, the pain passes to the neck, and fever occurs. The symptoms of perichondritis are usually apparent, so the diagnosis is possible solely based on the clinical picture.

For treatment, doctors first disinfect the wound. Secondly, cool compresses and painkillers relieve aches. Finally, otorhinolaryngologists use antibiotics in the form of tablets or ointments. If a significant accumulation of pus and tissue death occurs, the surgeon will remove them with an operation.

The prognosis for perichondritis is favourable. Although the disease can cause complications, it is not life-threatening in most cases. However, sometimes in the chronic form, the condition can reoccur.

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