Nasal septum perforation treatment

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Perforation of the nasal septum is a hole formed in the nasal septal cartilage. It can develop due to injuries or unsuccessful surgical interventions and complications of other nose diseases. ENT doctors recommend performing septal reconstruction to close the hole.

A nasal septum is cartilage dividing a nasal cavity into two parts. It ensures the linear movement of air through the nose. When the nasal septum is perforated, its functions are disrupted.

The reasons may be related to the following:

  • Injuries: blows, foreign bodies, nose fractures or facial traumas.
  • Surgical operations;
  • Nasal infections;
  • Tumours in the nose.

Most often, perforation of the nasal septum is manifested by difficult breathing. It is accompanied by whistling and noise. Also, a person may feel dryness, itching and burning in the nose. Mucous secretions may appear with pus or blood. Sometimes perforation can be identified as a visual cosmetic defect - the bridge of the nose is deformed.

Perforation of the septum requires a thorough, comprehensive examination. Otolaryngology doctors perform a rhinoscopy, take bacterial cultures of the nose, and perform laboratory tests. Also, sometimes an X-ray or CT scan of the facial skeleton is needed - when there is a suspicion of a fracture.

Since the septum itself does not grow back, it must be restored through surgery. Today, several modern methods of nasal plastic surgery allow for restoring the integrity of tissues. The surgical procedure is highly effective, and surgeons entirely correct the defect.

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