Melanoma treatment

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Melanoma is the most common malignant skin tumor. It is high-aggressive and metastasizes in the early stages. Nearly 90% of melanoma cases result from exposure to ultraviolet light. Treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and targeted medicine.

Melanoma is a cancer of skin cells (melanocytes). The disease can develop anywhere in the body, even on the nails, mouth, or eye. People with fair skin and many moles are more susceptible to skin cancer. Most patients receive it between 45 and 60, but younger people are also susceptible.

An increased risk of melanoma is usually observed due to several reasons:

  • Sun exposure (excessive ultraviolet radiation);
  • Hereditary predisposition;
  • Weakened immunity due to infection or HIV.

At first glance, melanomas look like moles. However, melanomas are usually blurry, asymmetrical, and multi-colored, unlike regular patches. Doctors have developed the ABCDE rule so that patients can recognize they have melanoma and seek medical care:

  • A - asymmetric shape;
  • B - boundaries are fuzzy;
  • C - the color in different parts of the mole varies;
  • D - diameter more than 6 millimeters;
  • E - evolution is a change in shape, size, and color over time.

Initially, skin melanoma causes no symptoms. Later, the swelling may itch, bleed, or trickle.

To diagnose melanoma, an oncologist cuts off a piece of damaged skin and examines it under a microscope (biopsy). The therapy choice is based on the size and spread of the cancer. The most common treatment for melanoma is surgical removal. However, a progressive tumor may need to be treated with alternative therapies:

  • Immunotherapy helps the body fight cancer;
  • Targeted therapy weakens cancer cells, causing them to die;
  • Radiotherapy uses powerful energy beams, such as x-rays and protons, to kill tumor cells;
  • Chemotherapy (may be in the form of tablets or infused intravenously).
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